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Name :   Sam Evans
Geographic Location :   Southern California
Comment :   This was the coolest game ever. Me and my brothers and my dad would play this game for hours at a time. We had handwritten log books that described every planet that we found! We could never figure how to win or how to beat the Uhlek plasma bolts either!
Name :   William Takacs
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   Got SFII for my B-day oooh so many years ago. Loved it. Glad to see there might be a SFIII (eventually 8).
Name :   dean lynch
Geographic Location :   london UK
Comment :   maybe now i can FINALLY finish this thing!!!! still got the original saves too......
Name :   Tim
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Tallahassee, FL
Comment :   I discovered Starflight in the summer of 1988 when I was 17. My parents had recently divorced and my father had moved into an apartment a few miles away. He had starflight on his pc and thought that I would like to play it. I thought it was a great sci-
Name :   John Russo
Geographic Location :   Massachusetts
Comment :   SF I + II were the best pc game that I have ever played. I wish that I could find similar games. Ive been playing Masters of Orion 3, but its just not the same.
Name :   Bernard Holmes
Geographic Location :   USA...Maryland
Comment :   These re still the best two games ever and I have been playing games for years and years
Geographic Location :   MAryland
Name :   Rich Harvan
Comment :   I played Starflight on a MAC a long time ago. I really enjoyed the game and wish I could get it to run on Windows. I would get Starflight III eve though I didnt finish the first I and II.
Geographic Location :   Texas
Name :   Trey
Comment :   SFI was the greatest game I ever played. I took a week of vacation just to play that game. Matter of fact, my wife at the time told me that if that computer had a hole in it, you wouldnt need me at all.
Name :   André Duret
Geographic Location :   Québec
Comment :   I have both game, the first one for Tandy, (i can,t play it anymore) and the second for pc.
Name :   Greg T.
Geographic Location :   S. Calif.
Comment :   I believe this was one of the first games I got for my Tandy 1000HX. I must have been 10-12 years old. Cant believe people still like this game!
Name :   pj
Email :   
Geographic Location :   
Comment :   Just surfing the web and found this page about that great game which I played for soo many nights some years ago. Also found out about the upcoming sf3 ... I will stay tuned :)
Name :   Harry Brugmans
Geographic Location :   Calgary Area
Comment :   Bought the game with my first real computer in 5 1/4 format. Loved it. Im glad to find a website dedicated to it.
Name :   micheal
Geographic Location :   Michigan
Comment :   24 and still think this is the great game ever
Name :   Clyde
Geographic Location :   Virginia, USA
Comment :   This is a great game, my first game on PC.
Name :   Jota Cavalcanti
Geographic Location :   Brasil
Comment :   Hi.. ive been playing this game for genesis and found this site quite nice.. ;) where can i find on the net the game for pc?
Name :   Ross Vadala
Geographic Location :   new york
Comment :   have windows 98 could not play sf1 in computer for a while the graphics is not supported in the vga mode till I found on a web site,down loaded the game from that and now it has an ega mode#5it can read but problem is the planets spin so fast lanch and la
Name :   Geoff Carlson
Geographic Location :   Alabama
Comment :   Thank you for the awesome memories through Starflight. I cannot wait for III. If I could program, I would drop everything to participate. Good Luck, Geoff
Name :   Mike Morneau
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   I remember playing SF in the late 80s. It was, and still remains one of the coolest games I have ever played. I still own both SF & SF2 although its getting harder & harder to find a 5&1/4 floppy drive, let alone a machine with a CGA card & slow enough pr
Name :   Jason Roark
Geographic Location :   Indiana
Comment :   Played starflight as a kid and loved it. Excited to see a third installment coming out! hope it comes out soon!
Name :   Eric Johnson
Geographic Location :   seaside, or
Comment :   I loved this game, but it didnt run on my newer computers, so I threw it away. Now I am trying to replace it with a version that I can run. I wish that I hadnt destroyed the original
Name :   Jason
Geographic Location :   Washington DC
Comment :   I remember playing Starflight on a Tandy when I was 12. It is STILL my favorite game ever. It is hard to get my 9 yr old to like games with such fantastic story its all about the graphics. :(
Name :   Joe Thorn
Geographic Location :   VA
Comment :   This was my first game I got for my Tandy 1000EX with 256K memory. Will you ever rerelease the game. PLEASE
Name :   Beth
Geographic Location :   North Carolina
Comment :   I used to play this game with my dad and my siblings. It was great family fun, and will always have a special place in my childhood.
Name :   Ryan
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   Starflight 1 & 2 are truly classics. After all these years and advancements, they still rank near the top of my list.
Name :   Gabriel Szaszko
Geographic Location :   Oklahoma Hell
Comment :   Veyr fond memories of the hours spent playing these games and the frustration thereof... Enjoy the site and wish games of this character and depth were made more often... great job.
Name :   Joe
Geographic Location :   Grand Rapids, Mi. USA
Comment :   My First computer game, and still the holds the record for longest time spend playing. Game made me friends and saved me from a bad *ss whipping, by being such a info guru. SO much detail.
Name :   ummer farooq
Geographic Location :   earth
Comment :   no comment hello!
Name :   Gerri
Geographic Location :   Germany
Comment :   hy,i have a question. i bought the starflight 1 and 2 when it came in the shop ca.1987. for my atari 1024 and the for amiga 500.both games and computer´s are give away for a few times(by my mother)GRRRR. where can i get this games and the emulator´s to
Name :   Isreal
Geographic Location :   south carolina
Comment :   I cant believe I came across a starflight fansite. The funnest game Ive ever played (and havent played in about 10yrs :) ) Good work.
Name :   Bob
Geographic Location :   Philadelphia
Comment :   First played SF2 about 8 years ago. Just bought a cd copy at yard sale for a dollar and trying to make it work on a Pentium4, as I remember it was the best game I ever played
Name :   Ixeus
Geographic Location :   Arth =P
Comment :   I love this game, it was really a piece of work, and how they did that all under 1.44mb is absolutely amazing :p Im speaking from a programmers perspective here. Anyway, Regards to the guys that wrote this game. Great Job, get SF3 out already! I wanna pla
Name :   Leonardo
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Holland
Comment :   This game is one of the best I have ever experienced, even after 13+ years of gaming. I wonder why Starflight isnt more popular? Man I surely would love to see Starflight III running on my PC/games console (perhaps with 3D graphics, can you imagine graphi
Name :   Bob Wilkins
Geographic Location :   MI. USA
Comment :   I and the crew of the I.S.S. Wolverine salute you all.
Name :   Eddie
Geographic Location :   East Coast
Comment :   God did I waste an incredible amount of time playing this game back in the 80s. I sure would like to have the opportunity to waste time again. This game is a treat.
Name :   fj
Email :   sdj
Geographic Location :   sdfj
Comment :   I used to love this game, my mom gave away my old computer and the Starflight disks when I was in college. I had forgotten about the game, I am going to start all over again now that Ive found this page.
Name :   Chris
Email :   
Geographic Location :   NC
Comment :   Starflight was one of the first games I ever played. It still is great!!
Name :   Kenneth Pullman
Geographic Location :   Stockton, CA
Comment :   My son and I played SF1 & 2 together and loved every minute of them. Its sad to see how todays games have evolved into soo much video and soo little imagination !
Name :   kingsak
Geographic Location :   Sarasota,Fla.
Comment :   12.14.02 I still play! Want to keep sf alive!!! p.s.: How to destroy Gasertoids???
Name :   Richard
Geographic Location :   Uk
Comment :   Hi, i played Starflight on sega mega drive when I was about 11 and i absolutely loved it. I have just read youre site and i have downloaded Starflight 2 and i absolutely love that too. Two of the best games ive ever played!!!
Name :   Kyrak
Geographic Location :   Colorado
Comment :   Praise for your site from one fiercely loyal fanatic. Starflight II made me the raving gaming lunatic I am today. What, has it been ten years already?! I can still see the gridlines of a landing approach, those lightning storms, the space critters threa
Name :   Joel Cook
Geographic Location :   Tennessee USA
Comment :   I dont know what it is but there is just sume lure to good old games with this complexity and yet small file size. it is amazing how much folks could do with such a (relitivly) small amount.
Name :   Cpt. Ken Masterson
Geographic Location :   Phx, AZ
Comment :   Can anyone tell me what the Humming Rock does? Also, how many Dweenle can join your crew? Can a comatose character be revived? Thanks. SF2 Rules!
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