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Name :   Nathan Temple
Email :
Geographic Location :   Earth, Sol system
Comment :   This game is still the most badass space game I have ever played- and Ive played a lot. It is probably the first epic space RPG/adventure game which spawned numerious copycats obviously inspired from it- and they still are today. I still have the boxes to
Name :   jeremy
Email :
Geographic Location :   Michigan
Comment :   I have spent many hours playing both starflight 1 & 2. That was however when I was in middle school in the late 80s early 90s. The disks were damaged when I was in high school and I havent played since. If someone can contact me and tell me how to play su
Name :   gerald w goad
Email :
Geographic Location :   nj
Comment :   i loved the games but my copys died sometime back and i now have a uptodate computer is there anychance that there are copys on cd that work on these faster computers out there that i can get my hands on?
Name :   Michael
Email :
Geographic Location :   Los Angeles County
Comment :   It was because of Starflight that I purchased a computer. I borrowed a friends when he was deployed to Korea. I wore out his keyboard. I stayed up for days on end. I was hooked! Every year, I play Starflight I and II all the way through, with only slightl
Name :   Mark R.
Email :
Geographic Location :   CANADA
Comment :   Starflight was the first computer game I bought and played back in 1986 (I think). It will always have a special spot among all games.
Name :   dan reilly
Email :
Geographic Location :   northern california
Comment :   where can i buy star flight 1 i lost my little disc that came with the game.also if poaaible where can i buy star flight2 thanks its a great game.dan
Name :   Bill McLaren
Email :
Geographic Location :   Louisiana, USA
Comment :   When I first got a computer, a PC Turbo, a friend loaned me Starflight. I then bought Starflight II. Compared to them, all other games amount to less than a Spemin blob!
Name :   jordan
Email :
Geographic Location :   north america
Comment :   i just want to thank everybody who made this game,it is the best game ever for the sega.if the binary team decides to make another great Starflight for the computer of any kind make it online compatible with or anything. i am a big fan for this
Name :   robert oakley
Email :
Geographic Location :   45013
Comment :   Wish there was a new sf verison to play on my computer!
Name :   JadeMonk
Email :
Geographic Location :   Oregon
Comment :   Home of the Underdogs pointed me here, I love games like these. Hooyah!!
Name :   Tri Tran
Email :
Geographic Location :   SoCal
Comment :   Been searching forever --. All time greatest game.
Name :   Commander Mike
Email :
Geographic Location :   Earth, Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Comment :   Nice to see someone is still keeping this stuff alive :D
Name :   Garvin Boyle
Email :
Geographic Location :   Richmond, Ontario
Comment :   The best game I ever played. A better word than Dweenlie has not been coined in many a year.
Name :   Nathan Ricks
Email :
Geographic Location :   Monterey, CA
Comment :   Starflight II remains my favorite PC game of all time, after many many years. I remember firing up my old 12 Mghrz 8086 Compaq, and playing the game for hours and hours. To this day, not other title has mixed science, science fiction, space exploration an
Name :   Ken
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Maryland
Comment :   Unbelievable...I found my old games while cleaning out, loaded it and it still works on a P4. My favorite puter game from long ago
Name :   Carlos Handy
Email :
Geographic Location :   USA
Comment :   Hi, Do you have starflight 2 for the Amiga or Commodore 64?
Name :   David M.
Email :
Geographic Location :   Arizona
Comment :   Love this game. I have lost all discs and materials to StarFlight One and am trying to piece it all back together. When will StarFlight III be available???
Name :   Phil
Email :
Geographic Location :   MA
Comment :   Nice site, thou I feel it may need a facial upgrade.
Name :   Ross Clark
Email :
Geographic Location :   USA
Comment :   I have loved Starflight since it came out
Name :   Efrain
Email :
Geographic Location :   Louisiana
Comment :   I really loved this game.I played it on Sega.Its good to see other peeps loved it too!!!
Name :   Jeff
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Ann Arbor, Michigan
Comment :   Wow...while cleaning out some of my old junk from my parents place I stumbled across the old Star Flight 2 manual. Of course, I had to google it and Im glad to see Im not the only one that still reminisces over the good times with it.
Name :   Anonymous
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Massachusetts
Comment :   Pretty cool! Starflight was one of the first games I every played; I was only 11 years old at the time. Im delighted to see it is still kept alive! Ill have to download some of the docs just for the nostalgia.
Name :   Patrick Lo
Email :
Geographic Location :   Taiwan, ROC
Comment :   Im 38 now, This is my favorite game when I was a University Student. This page recall me a good time. Thank you!
Name :   Stephen Braddy
Email :
Geographic Location :   Northern California
Comment :   I used to love this game when I was a young gamer! Its great to see that there are others out there that also love this game. Thanks for making this site guys! - Steve
Name :   SR MacPherson
Email :
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   Voted the #1 game I would have with me on a deserted island: Starflight.
Name :   A. Holbrook
Email :
Geographic Location :   Hammytown, ON
Comment :   Great! But can someone PLEASE tell me how I can fix it so I dont have to hit every key twice when I run this on my laptop?
Name :   Mike Hewson
Email :
Geographic Location :   Australia
Comment :   I cant believe it after all these years - showing my ( middle ) age now - that, yes, THE greatest game ( second being Empire viz. Walter Bright ) I have stumbled across again! I must show it to my kids, woweee!! ( ....scene cuts to fattish 44 year old hoo
Name :   TheOriginalSteve-Dave
Email :
Geographic Location :   Dayton, Ohio
Comment :   Sigh. Really miss that game. I still have my 5 1/4 disks, but no drives to read them. thanks for opening at least a few screens, but now I REALLY have ajones for the game! :-)
Name :   JustinTheJewboy
Email :
Geographic Location :   Missouri
Comment :   Man who cant love starflight. Beat the first one at 14...Sigh remember the days when you just skipped sleep and said screw homework only to find the Mechans arent programed for this contigency. blast! Well one day ill get starflight 2...If i can find it a
Name :   Stuart McConnell
Email :
Geographic Location :   Calgary Alberta
Comment :   Kick-ass classic game.
Name :   Eric
Email :
Geographic Location :   Oxford Ma USA
Comment :   Just wanted to say Thanks, Ive my oringinal SF and SF2 game packages and oringinal SF2 5.25 in disks, but lost my SF 1 set long ago, not to mention the fact that my puter has no 5.25 drive. So again Thanks and its time to kick some Spemin..????..what ever
Name :   Brian
Email :
Geographic Location :   Maryland
Comment :   One of my first computer games I played for HOURS on my Tandy 1000! A true classic!
Name :   Gil Munoz
Email :
Geographic Location :   Roswell, GA
Comment :   Best game ever! Played it on the original Compaq portable with composite video-out card. Looked great on a 19 inch TV set!
Name :   Dep
Email :
Geographic Location :   Horsham, PA
Comment :   I first started playing the game when I was working at Radio Shack. I played it on a Tandy 1000. I have since moved on, as I am sure many others have, to a Pentium 4. Is there a version out for Pentium Processors?
Name :   Mike
Email :
Geographic Location :   Pittsburgh
Comment :   Sweet website, I actually bought this game on the genesis and never got to play starcraft 2... two questions, does anyone have an image of starcraft 2, and what progress is being made on the starcraft 3 project? i think fan-made games may just be the best
Name :   ruy
Email :
Geographic Location :   japan
Comment :   I liked the game a lot, even tough i didnt finish the II episode, I still have the original disks and map of starflight II.
Name :   Rainer Borch
Email :
Geographic Location :   Duesseldorf, Germany
Comment :   Still The best game ever! Thank you for all that work you had with this site, you keep the game and the idea behind it alive. Rainer
Name :   Patrick Taylor
Email :
Geographic Location :   Brooksville, Florida
Comment :   Love the game, waiting for Starflight 3
Name :   Shaun
Email :
Geographic Location :   The good OL US OF A
Comment :   THIS game rocks ! Wish we had more games like this today
Name :   John Park
Email :
Geographic Location :   British Columbia
Comment :   the station supply store wont buy my minerals and artifacts !!!
Name :   Jon S. Kowitz
Email :
Geographic Location :   Spokane WA, USA
Comment :   Shame that old games just... die. The hardware goes kaput, the OS and other software isnt available. Be nice if there was a way to build a PC emulator sort of the way that emulators have been built for the NES and SNES.
Name :   Pijiboy
Email :
Geographic Location :   Philippines
Comment :   StarFlight II was great! Welcome StarFlight III...
Name :   John J Volk
Email :
Geographic Location :   U.S.A. - Arkansas
Comment :   Starflight was the first PC game I spent all my time playing. Thanks for the great website! Lets get some more Endurium rocket fuel!
Name :   Rick Barnes
Email :   pending(moved)
Geographic Location :   Phoenix, Arizona
Comment :   I just bought a Radio Shack tandy 1000 and followed that up with the purchase of starflight I & II. For about I am doing it all over again. Thanks to Ebay!
Name :   Dee Cronk
Email :
Geographic Location :   Denham Springs, La., USA
Comment :   I have always liked these games because of the exploration aspect of the game. I hope this continues with the SFIII project.
Name :   geoff carlson
Email :
Geographic Location :   South U.S.
Comment :   I hope SF3 kicks as much tail as 1 and 2.
Name :   dave
Email :
Geographic Location :   USA
Comment :   Im 27 now and I remember when I first used Starflight in 1986. I still think its the best game ever made to date.
Name :   Les
Email :
Geographic Location :   texas
Comment :   This is a great game. I use the Sega version. Does anyone know where I could download the manual or instruction book?
Name :   Sean Murray-Smith
Email :
Geographic Location :   Adelaide; South Australia
Comment :   I have played Starflight from day 1 starting with a pirated SF1. I was so impressed that I bought the game and, when SF2 came out I bought that too. A 386 retro machine now holds both games and I play them still.
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