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Name :   Dan
Email :
Geographic Location :   MASS, USA
Comment :   StarFlight II was well worth the $40.00 and two hour bike ride to Egghead's software. My parents wouldn't drive me there because they felt it was a waste of my paper route money. Next to my R.E.M. Reconstructon of The Fables album, it was one of the best
Name :   hmmm
Email :
Geographic Location :   Loved SF1 never played SF2, nebraska
Comment :   Gud Stuff. :)
Name :   Eric Quesada
Email :
Geographic Location :   Texas
Comment :   Still trying to finish STARFLT2. Maybe one day!
Name :   Chris Johnson
Email :   
Geographic Location :   Kansas
Comment :   Man, I miss my copy of those games.
Name :   jeff conner
Email :
Geographic Location :   Phoenix AZ
Comment :   Some of the best memories of my 1st marriage is making my ex-wife so angry while I stayed up playing Starflight! I guess there's a lesson to be learned, huh?
Name :   Jerry Parshall
Email :
Geographic Location :   Washington, D.C.
Comment :   I enjoyed this game at about the same time the original MS Flight Simulator came out. It is proof that unauthorized copying isn't necessarily a bad thing -- a friend gave me copied disks and photocopied manuals and maps, and I enjoyed the game so much I h
Name :   Erynn Peyton
Email :
Geographic Location :   
Comment :   I play Starflight on my old 1980's PC and I love it!
Name :   karl allen
Email :
Geographic Location :   Oregon
Comment :   Starflight was the first strategy game I ever played. I was 14 when I started playing it on a Tandy 1000 EX it took me 2 years to win! I still have the disks.
Name :   Gary
Email :
Geographic Location :   Texas
Comment :   What a great website for such a great game! Can't wait to see SF3! Take care, Gary
Name :   Darren Hamilton
Email :
Geographic Location :   California, USA
Comment :   Started playing Starflight while on tour in Japan. I had lots of down time and nothing better to do until a friend gave me his copy of a game that he didn't like (loser).
Name :   Christie Leff
Email :
Geographic Location :   Seattle, Washington
Comment :   I LOVE Starflight 2!!!! I was so excited to find your website. I have never beat the game, but I recently reformatted my computer to dual boot Win2k and Win98 so that I could play Starflight 2 in Win98. Keep up the good work :) I'm gonna try and get my ha
Name :   Lee Hightire
Email :
Geographic Location :   Wisconsin USA
Comment :   I loved the Genesis version. I only saw StarFlight II released for the Mac. What's the story with EA. I spent many a day up till 3:00 AM and being late for work. The game was the hype! It's worthy of a re-make with today's technology.
Name :   Ross
Email :
Geographic Location :   us
Comment :   i NEED a starmap with all the flux points and everything on it for starflight (sega genesis) i thinks its the best game!!!!!!
Name :   slamnsx
Email :   
Geographic Location :   earthbase1
Comment :   This site really brings back memories. Starflight was a cool game back then.
Name :   David Rush
Email :
Geographic Location :   Oregon
Comment :   Love your page and the download files.
Name :   Earl Gaden
Email :
Geographic Location :   Spencer, New York
Comment :   Spent many hundred's of hours, usually late at night, playing this wounderful game, can hardly wait for # III to make it to the shelves.
Name :   Christoph Janz
Email :
Geographic Location :   Mannheim, Germany
Comment :   aaaaarrgghfixthesebugs!
Name :   Earl
Email :
Geographic Location :   NYC
Comment :   Longtime fan(S.F. the reason why I got my first pc)
Name :   Nick K Kal
Email :
Geographic Location :   Greece
Comment :   I still the orginal SFII version of Amiga. And I think I stil have the oficial hintbook.It was the only way to finish it.(in a logical ammount of time, that is)But I still have't finished SFI,and I think I will give it a try.
Name :   Nick
Email :
Geographic Location :   Usa
Comment :   Itis best to have to Elowan rather then on Elowan and one Thrynn. The Elowan are better allies and it is better to side with one rather be hated by both.
Name :   Nick
Email :
Geographic Location :   Usa
Comment :   If the Elowan are angry with you get yourself shot by the Thrynn (but not vaporized!) and vice versa. The effects are fantastic.
Name :   Greg
Email :
Geographic Location :   NW Washington
Comment :   I used to play Starflight and enjoyed it greatly. I'm now looking for a similar game for Intel PIII. Any suggestions?
Name :   randy powell
Email :
Geographic Location :   bernice, louisiana
Comment :   someone please find me a copy of starflight please,i beg of you!!!
Name :   Robaerkkk
Email :
Geographic Location :   Germansk
Comment :   Starflight II rules :-) But on Amiga it is better than on PC...
Name :   Scott Healy
Email :
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   I'm a starflight fanatic since 86 when I purchased Starflight. This would make a great MMORPG game :)
Name :   dougie
Email :
Geographic Location :   scotland
Comment :   love the game, cant stop playing it.
Name :   Doc Holiday III
Email :
Geographic Location :   
Comment :   Stardate 9212001 - Captains log suplemental. Main power down. We need endurium crystals to energize the ion drive. Send help coordinate 162, 52. Evidence of Uhl.............
Name :   Paul
Email :
Geographic Location :   Florida USA
Comment :   God did I ever love this game. I wish they'd come out with a part three!!!!!! Please, God, grant this wish.
Name :   Mark McAvoy
Email :
Geographic Location :   Baltimore, Maryland - USA
Comment :   WOW. I thought I was the ONLY one who was into this game. I bought it at Radio Shack on a cold day in February 1987. I cut school and got it. This game is what computer gaming is all about. I am enchanted that there are so many dedicated sites for this ga
Name :   Fleursuzie
Email :
Geographic Location :   georgia (resently moved from Jacksonville florida)
Comment :   This is great. I never thought I could play StarFlight again (unless I yanked out the old TandySX computer...hmmm, dont even know where the boot disks are) I am THRILLED beyond belief. I just downloaded starflight from one of the sites, and have told my
Name :   Alex
Email :
Geographic Location :   Colorado, U.S.A.
Comment :   Beautiful site! Man, the days of games like these were some of the best days.... But still, StarFlight 2 is so complex and deep that it makes a whole lot of today's games look like what you scoop out of a litter box!!!
Name :   Evil Peppard
Email :
Geographic Location :   Denver, CO USA
Comment :   
Name :   David Kokoruda
Email :
Geographic Location :   USA Ohio Cleveland
Comment :   I Love Starflight For The Commandors 64 I Wish You Woud Fix The New PCS.
Name :   GEEK
Email :   EH
Geographic Location :   SAN FRANCISCO
Comment :   Ok, this game made me drop/fail a couple classes in college. Never finished it, never finish any game. I'm playing it again to see if it can be the first game I finish, Thanks for the page
Name :   Thomas
Email :
Geographic Location :   Austria/Vienna
Comment :   I played SF1 on an old Amiga first time. Maybe there will be a part 3?
Name :   Steven Brown
Email :
Geographic Location :   Idaho
Comment :   If only I could get this damn game to work! AAAAAAA!
Name :   charles
Email :
Geographic Location :   california
Comment :   i remember my friend tyler playing this game on his dad's PC around 1987. I was amazed by the size of the 'universe' which was explorable, it reminded me of the Amiga game 'Damocles' in terms of its 'hugeness'. Looking forward to starflight 3!
Name :   AL LELLIG
Geographic Location :   READING, PA
Name :   D.S.
Geographic Location :   LIMA,OHIO
Comment :   Awesome game with the right idea.Where can I find Starflight 2 for Sega Genesis?
Name :   Brian C Jenn
Email :
Geographic Location :   Anchorage,Alaska
Comment :   I am so glad to see there are several Starfight web sites out there I hobe some day to have the Entire Starflight collection including SF3 when it becomes avalible I played SF2 In Miami Beach Floridat In 1991 and it was a most wonderful game Unfortunat
Name :   james scammahorn
Email :
Geographic Location :   grandview,mo.u.s.a.
Comment :   need game to play on pc. had saga virsion ,and kicked but.if know where to find please tell.
Name :   Kurt Heimbuch
Email :
Geographic Location :   Minnesota, USA
Comment :   I ran across Starflight while cleaning the other day. A good friend of mine and I used to play Starflight until wee hours of the night years ago. It is nice to see the game was liked by others as much as we did. I was going to play the game again but no l
Name :   NetWarrior
Email :
Geographic Location :   Earth
Comment :   This is the best games i've ever playes in my life! :) I want to play it again and explore all UNIVERSE. Who has it?
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