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Name :   Brian
Geographic Location :   Maryland
Comment :   I loved this game as a kid, and now in my 30s I have started playing again. I have been exploring systematically and only have 36 systems left to explore. So far Ive found 50 colonizable planets!
Name :   JD Tack
Geographic Location :   Oregon
Comment :   Played hours of starflight as a kid...
Name :   Sebi
Geographic Location :   Germany
Comment :   Best game ever. i still install dosbox on every machine i install so i can play it...
Name :   joe whittaker
Geographic Location :   illinois
Comment :   i am 28 years old in the year 2008. i got the game about 20 or so years ago and i love it to this day. i have a old ibm 286 computer just to play the game. make another one someday for todays computers. just dont lose what made it great for the older comp
Name :   Oliver
Geographic Location :   Germany
Comment :   I am so glad I found this page, memory came back instantly. How I enjoyed this game decades ago ;) THX for this page!
Name :   Jim
Geographic Location :   California
Comment :   I love Starflight. It even taught me what obsequious meant. If anyone can show me how I can get a hold of the game, map, manual, and code wheel, Id be forever grateful.
Name :   Neil Morrock Goldman
Geographic Location :   Miami, FL
Comment :   IMO still the best game ever made. I easily spent 500+ hours playing it and I never even beat the story. The fact that you could explore, land on and find life on hundreds of other planets was amazing. I think I explored all of them. Great to see a sit
Name :   Task
Geographic Location :   miami
Comment :   Im Black, and I love this freakin GAME!!!
Name :   Kevin James
Geographic Location :   Dallas, TX
Comment :   Wow, i played this game for weeks when I was in 6th grade. What memories!
Name :   R. W. Zenonian
Geographic Location :   Guam USA (Military)
Comment :   The Starflight series is one of--if not THE--greatest space adventure/RPG games ever devised!!! I played SF2 when I was 10 years old and spent months taking notes on races, planets, trade goods, etc. I had a HUGE binder with all of my starlogs in it. Awes
Name :   Andy Maglione
Geographic Location :   Chapel Hill, NC
Comment :   Best game Ive ever played!
Name :   Larry Glisan
Geographic Location :   El Paso Texas USA
Comment :   The most awesome game ever - years ahead of its time!
Name :   Captian Kirk
Geographic Location :   Space
Comment :   This game brings back some serious memories. Just picked it up on Genesis for 10 bucks at The Exchange WITH case AND manual! Kirk out...
Name :   Andy Duffy-Peter
Geographic Location :   Masschusetts, USA
Comment :   I loved Starflight I and II. I wish I could get as good a game today.
Name :   Fallen Angel
Geographic Location :   North Carolina
Comment :   playing starflight again right now :)
Name :   Ramzi
Geographic Location :   GA
Comment :   I loved Starflight 1 and 2 I wished we could get a starflight 3. there are many not so old gamers that loved the plots and the originality of the plots. As a matter of fact I love it so much that I am currently gathering all the old games and trying to pu
Name :   Matthew Hall
Geographic Location :   Minneapolis, MN
Comment :   Love Starflight
Name :   Aaron
Geographic Location :   California
Comment :   This page is a wonderful look back at a dial up internet era long gone now. From the star field background to the bad midi file it has all the hallmarks of surfing the web back in 97. Thank you sirs, for a moment im 18 again... Oh but why im here is becau
Name :   David Janus
Geographic Location :   South Africa
Comment :   Originally from Minnesota. Ive dld SF2 and the Map, but big or how many sectors does the reader cover when it asks you to put the lower left corner on 150 * 40 for example ?
Name :   Brian
Geographic Location :   Maryland USA
Comment :   For HenryB, my recollection of battery backup was that it was used in your vehicle on the surface of a planet. When you ran out of fuel, your battery backup kicked in ... battery backup lasted (best that I can remember) for 10 spaces of movement.
Name :   Brian
Geographic Location :   Maryland, USA
Comment :   Fantastic to still see enthusiasm for this incredible adventure.
Name :   HenryB
Geographic Location :   NC
Comment :   Played the original SF1 on a Tandy. I have pc version on 5.25 and 3.5 disks with starmaps, etc. Just bought version for Sega Genesis. Anyone know how battery backup works? I love SF.
Name :   Dan F
Geographic Location :   Sweden (norn England)
Comment :   Its really cool to see this site still up! I played the original PC version... parity checks all the time on my mates old XT.. we needed 6 5 1/4 floppies and spent more time making backups after Thrynn blasting runs to beef up our ship than we did playing
Name :   Allan
Geographic Location :   Grand Island, NY
Comment :   Played this game when I was 11 years old. Never finished it :( Thanks to CCS64, I just may be able to finally do that!!
Name :   Jeremy
Geographic Location :   USA - California
Comment :   Almost forgot this site was here, glad to be able to find it again having lost the maps to I and II. Wow at a third game, best of luck.
Name :   Jeremy
Geographic Location :   Buffalo, NY
Comment :   I am thrilled to unexpectedly find the STARFLIGHT universe alive and well!! I googled Mineral rich Mardan 4 just to see what turned up and LOOKY LOOKY LOOKY!!!!!!!!!!
Name :   Thia Halmades
Geographic Location :   Reston, VA
Comment :   Wow. I was always afraid that SF was dead. Any chance we can get the project ressurected as Starflight HD for the 360 & PS3?
Name :   Gerardo Guadalajara
Geographic Location :   Mexico City
Comment :   Dic 18-2007. The best game ever, it was my first RPG. I played with a xt 286 Acer-Printaform with 5.25 floppy disks. Im 36 years old now. I would like to purchase some remake of this. Bye elowan
Name :   Charles Freeman
Geographic Location :   St. Louis
Comment :   Like most, I remember staying up all night exploring. Was even a little sad when I completed the game. On the equipment of the day, this was an amazing piece of software. Hope someone adapts and remarkets all of them for modern systems. CF
Name :   Sam DeRenzis
Geographic Location :   Bolingbrook, IL - USA
Comment :   I loved Starflight for Sega Genesis, if only theyd done a 2nd the series wouldve been complete, at least for that. The PC versions bite and are really tough to use, the Genesis was fun and exciting!
Name :   bkramer46
Geographic Location :   Tampa Florida
Comment :   Spent many nights searching the universe for artifacts.......great, great game
Name :   pupnik
Geographic Location :   germany
Comment :   changed my life. blew the boundaries of a 512KB RAM 4.77mhz pc wide open.
Name :   John
Geographic Location :   Oklahoma
Comment :   Played this game on my Tandy a long time ago. Took my son and I a long time to figure it out Starflight II.
Name :   Jules
Geographic Location :   Colorado
Comment :   Still waiting for SFIII !!!
Name :   Curtis Wirtz
Geographic Location :   Olympia WA - USA
Comment :   My father played this game from the 5.25 disks on his old Tandy computer. Played it for nearly a decade but never beat it. I randomly found the cartridge for SEGA Genesis at a swap meet for a couple bucks and purchased it without thought. My father had hu
Name :   Will Allen
Geographic Location :   Des Moines, IA USA
Comment :   What a great site. I had kind of forgotten what a great set of games these were, and still are.
Name :   John
Geographic Location :   Maryland
Comment :   This was the greatest space game ever made,I wish someone would redo it or make something new that rivals it. Ive been waiting along time.
Name :   R.G. Stone,jr
Geographic Location :   Florida (now)
Comment :   I still have my play 5.25 disks. I was in my 30s and still havent found a game that gave me the same excitement and apprehension of travel as getting caught up in the nexus.
Name :   Andrew K
Geographic Location :   Richmond
Comment :   Came late to the game played the sega genisis version still think it was one of the best SF games I ever played. It had a great story line and plot which so many games of today lack and try to make up with flashy eye candy.
Name :   Bedlamite666
Geographic Location :   Richmond, VA
Comment :   Best game ever... Contact me at if I can be of any help.
Name :   Bob Pearson
Geographic Location :   Canada
Comment :   Loved this game as a youngster. Played it on a friends Tandy 1000. We would play for hours every day after school - good times. My friend moved back to the US a year later, but Ive always got those memories.
Name :   Sean
Geographic Location :   Michigan
Comment :   Great site, nice to see people havent forgotten this game
Name :   Frank Walker
Geographic Location :   Visalia, CA
Comment :   I cant believe that Ive never looked you guys up. SF/SFII was my favorite game back in the day. Talk about bringing back memories...I just wish I could get my hands on those games for today.
Name :   Steve Verrill
Geographic Location :   South Paris, ME USA
Comment :   I would suck on coffee grounds to stay up late enough to play!
Name :   XONY
Geographic Location :   USA
Comment :   Best game ever have played them both over and over and over again. i am always looking for the next installment.
Name :   Elijah Schott
Geographic Location :   USA
Comment :   Love tihis game, I had the Sega version and spent many hours of play with it. We need a new version updated graphics mabie like freelancer.
Name :   James B
Geographic Location :   England
Comment :   A truly amazing game! Im so surprised that a major games software house hasnt bought the rights and developed starflight 3 with the latest graphics. PS Good luck with the project!
Name :   Jai
Geographic Location :   Seattle
Comment :   wow. i used to play this game with my neighbour Jim. we both had spiral books filled with coordinates and notes. crazy to have found it again!
Name :   Colby Friesen
Geographic Location :   Courtenay, BC, Canada, Sol III
Comment :   Played both 1 & 2 and absolutely loved them. Had a few sleepless weekends in Elemetary School and Junior High thanks to these wonderful creations...
Name :   Chris Zeko
Geographic Location :   Kansas city
Comment :   Starflight was the first computer game I playied.
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