Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 16:59:45 -0700
From: Alec Kercso (
Subject: Your Starflight Page

I have to say that I'm flattered by your Starflight web pages. I spent many hours along with the rest of the guys working on Starflight. The comments your readers have offered are amazing to see after almost TEN YEARS since the original game's release. It was always great to read fan mail, and I'm very happy to see that people are still enjoying the game.

Is there hope for a Starflight 3? Another group put together a proposal for EA, and in fact had even started work on the project. For some reason it was cancelled; I saw some of the prototype screens, and it had a totally different look and feel. It is unlikely that the all the original authors will get together to do another sequel, but maybe one of us will take up the challenge and try it.

Thanks for keeping the torch lit.

Alec Kercso

Starflight Userlog Entry:
Date: Wed Jan 8 14:57:51 MST 1997
From: Brian Kulman (kulman@Synopsys.COM)
Location: Mountain View, CA

I currently work with the infamous SF designer, Alec Kercso. Occasionally he gets some good work done, but mostly he just sits around chewing on his 2 1/2 foot-long toenails, scratching his dirty beard, and muttering something about the wonders of the Spemin. I guess there's just no way for us ordinary folk to truly comprehend Genius.

Brian Kulman

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