Re: How to fix the pickup-bug on Starflight I

Fri, 29 Nov 96 20:24:22 EDT

i had the problem with not being able to pick stuff up on planet surfaces, too. everything would work fine except the cargo function.

i called EAs customer service line and explained the problem to them. after we discussed it for a while, id gotten the following info :

the problem usually occurs when a person upgrades their system (for reasons unexplained to me). something to the effect of "the older version of the game cant be run on newer systems, you need the new version."

now, i'd just purchased this in the store days beforehand, so i was a little peeved at the suggestion that i had to send my new game along with more money back to EA and wait for them to get back to me. they explained politely that this was my only recourse. i asked to speak with a supervisor, and explained everything to him. he clarified that i had *just purchased* the game, and when i confirmed this he told me it would be free of charge.

i sent my disk to them in a mailer, and they got back to me in a more than acceptable period of time. i have had no problems since then.

i believe (dont quote me) that the charge, should i have had to pay it. wouldve been $7.50 (U.S.). all you'll send is the disk, and all you'll receive is a new disk. they will not put a patch on your old disk, so if you're the type who puts "stuff" on your *actual disk*, make a copy of it before you send it to them.

for any other questions, people can feel free to email me at

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