From: Denzil Boyter (
Sent: October 10, 2000 4:20 PM
Subject: Starflight 2 saved games fix

I noticed that the file to fix the problem, only contains a batch
file to fix the problem. Since I like to use option 1 "save and resume" this
was not an option. So I set about trying to find the real problem for saving
games in starflight 2. The real problem occurs when you have a large hard
drive partition that contains too many clusters. For some reason when the
bios int 21h function 36h reports too many clusters and/or free space,
starflight 2 stops saving to the lastsave files. I wrote a tsr to fake out
starflight 2 and report a fixed number clusters and free space. If this code
works I will write a cleaner version of it. I have included it as an
attachment to this email. Please let me know if it works for some of your

Denzil Boyter


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