Star Flight 2  -  Hints to get started

This file should be included with the docs of Star Flight II

                       Written by Enlightened One
                       Special thanks to Teddy Z
1. Call Phantom Networks at [818] 447-6437.
2. This is just some hints for thee to get started, if you are
  an expert on these games, you mite as well ignore them.

Who should I choose and train? (suggestions)
Captain - Human
Engineer - Velox
Science Off. - Human
Doctor - Elowan
Communication Off. - Thrynn
Navigator - Velox

Thats about it, dont be stupid to train the crew members on
the subjects the occupation doesn't required, however, do
that when you have "extra" money. Train the Engineer and
Science off. first so you wont "get lost".  

Trade Route (suggestion)
Buy Tandelovian Happy Juice at Tandelou Ishvara - 38,67
Take Flux at 31,69 to 125,95 the Teelvees. Buy Livelong 
from the Teelvees and sell to Humna Humnas at 93,37
then take flux at 92,28, you'll go back to the port.
You can do that over and over.

Where are the things? (information)
Great Eye - 244,149 (lets you travel back into time)
The place where Spemin own th efight over the Lowats - 198,154
   That's where they got their technology.

What to buy? (suggestion)
1. Sell all of the weapons except Cargo Pod and Jump Pod, then
    buy class 3 engine and some fuel.
2. Then buy engine class 5.
3. Then buy shield class 5.
4. Then trade with the Isvhvara, Teeelveees, and Humna Humnas and use the         money to buy laser class 5.
5. Then trade again to buy missile class 4
6. Then If you want to buy armor, go ahead.

Locations of civilization (some)
humna humna: 93,37
Tandelou Ishvara,: 37,67
Tandelou Ishvey : 27,73
G'Nunk:   159,30 - afraid of whom powerful
Teeelveee: 125,95
Chichifa: 64,5
Nelsons: 131,7
Lieu Vadish: 1,24
Dweenle: 122,105
Spemin: 158,183
Gorzek: 28,79
Kher: 214,177
Leghk, their ruins on planet 132,6

Colonizable Planets
200,108     132,6 -two of them
133,7       99,81
106,4       105,75 -two of them

Notice: You most goto the planet in order to recommend it 
to the star port. 

Colonizable Planet features required:
Nitrogne and Oxygen in Atmosphere
Water in Hydrosphere
Temperature Arctic to Moderate
Climate None to Moderate

That's the end... l8r, dudez.... PCP lives!


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