BayCon 2000: West Coast Icehouse 2

BayCon 1999 was the site of the first-ever West Coast Icehouse competition. So, continuing the trend (depending on which source you consult, thrice makes "tradition", or twice makes "tradition" and thrice is "an ancient and honorable tradition"), West Coast Icehouse 2 will be happening at BayCon 2000.

The tournament will follow a teaching session on the game, for newcomers. The time slot is Sunday, May 28th, at 2:00pm. Our venue looks like it's going to be San Simeon/San Martin double room (where gaming usually is), so that's the first place to check.

The tournament will closely follow these tournament guidelines fairly closely, with some adjustments (please note that these reflect refinements from WCI1):

Prospective players are strongly encouraged to browse the online handbook. It probably would also be a good idea to acquire an Icehouse set to practice with, or browse the tournament history (see here as well) for a sense of what has gone before (Note that the traditional venue for Icehouse tournaments used to be at an SF convention held Memorial Day weekend...) -- but we remind you, NO TEAM PLAY, so don't get any ideas.

There will be nice little prizey things for the winners, including the CTI. But don't let the competition deter you from playing; last year's champion was someone who learned the game the same day (We expect him back to defend his title.).

Disclaimer: my affiliation with Looney Labs is purely on a volunteer basis. This is strictly a fan event.

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Last updated 2000/05/19