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Taken from the IceList: the co-creator of Icehouse's reminiscences about the early sets.

Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 13:54:49 -0700
From: John Cooper 
To: icehouse@HUMANS-ONLY.andrew.cmu.edu, ocrow@HUMANS-ONLY.bmrc.berkeley.edu
Subject: Re: Feats of Clay

E Zuckerman wrote:
EZ> A friend of mine made kinds of molds out of sheet
EZ> metal, and it sounds much more like the way to go.
I did that for my first set (it may have been the 9th set ever made). 

I cut triangles out of brass sheeting, taped them together with heavy
clear packing tape, stuffed Fimo into the open pyramids (I think I used
a pointy thing to get Fimo into the pointy end), then set them on a
cooky sheet, and cooked 'em inside their plastic/brass shells. By using
two colors not quite all mixed together I obtained a nice marble effect
on 15 of the pieces. None have broken yet, but I'm not about to throw
them against a wall. 

The Fimo wasn't soft enough, but it worked. The pieces are not standard
size (there was no standard then) and bulge slightly at the sides, but
not enough to hinder a game. 

As I recall, Fimo was expensive. The results however were worth it.


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