"Face" Dimensions of Icehouse Pyramids-- Part 2

See also Part 1.

Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 10:42:26 -0400
To: icehouse@andrew.cmu.edu
From: "Elliott C. Evans" 
Subject: Re: Feats of Clay

Eric Zuckerman wrote:
> I'm glad somebody told me this *NOW*.
You're welcome. I figured this out when I had to deduce
why my tip savers were coming out too small.

> 3-pointers: 1.82003
> 2-pointers: 1.42941
> 1 pointers: 1.03880
Heh, my numbers were pretty close, but still a tad too small.
(I derived my numbers geometrically, not mathematically.)

3-point: 1.816"
2-point: 1.425"
1-point: 1.027"

I guess I should have paid more attention in algebra class.
In my defense, my accuracy is limited by a low DPI screen;
the difference comes out to about one pixel.

Also in my defense, once you translate the numbers into
32nds of a inch (yeah, I know, I should buy a micrometer)
and round to the nearest 32nd, they are identical.

Queen:		1 26/32"
Drone:		1 14/32"
Pawn:		1 1/32"

> Huh, doesn't look like *so* much, now that I look at it.
The numbers aren't that much different, but the human brain
is very good at discerning such differences in actual objects.

What I mean is, when I make pieces that are slightly too small
or large, I can spot them. Also, when I make boxes to hold the
pieces, it's easy to tell if my sizes are off by 1/32" because
the lids don't close, or the pieces rattle around inside.


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