The Saga Continues...

You may have thought that Richard's conquest were over, but you were wrong. They've just begun. Joined by crackpot designer Heywood Jablowmey, I have begun development on the sequel to one of the most talked about games in the AGI community, F*ck Quest. It is entitled Fu$k Quest 2: Romancing the Bone and I am proud to announce that a teaser is available. Download it now!!!

Download the teaser by clicking here.
Or to get the AGI interpreter free version, click here.
Send all comments to Richard Eter and/or Heywood Jablowmey.
I'm so excited!!!

Want to check out the original F*ck Quest game? Go to the F*ck Quest home page by clicking here. We've even added a pretty sweet FAQ to further satisfy your curiosity about the first game.

Special note from Heywood Jablowmey, Richard's associate:
"Sorry, I've been away for a while and I had to let Richard run the site for a little while. I'm correcting all the typos right now. The situation is under control."

Here's the number of perverts who have been here:

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