Slip Into Something Comfortable...F*ck Quest Is Here!

Now available! Download me now!

The product of six months of hard love and labor, released September 16, 1998, F*ck Quest is the first new AGI game since Manhunter 2! It is also the first AGI game to reach such intense levels of excitement. Believe me when I say that this game satisfies your needs (and then some) !!!

Download F*ck Quest by clicking here.
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I'm so excited!!!

It's already gotten rave reviews:
Ryan Nelson of BYU says "That isn't programming, that's sick"
Luke says "I know this is rude and mean but I thought it was rather sickning"
James E. writes "Too bad it's limited to only 16 colours"
JoeCool says "don't play the game too much you'll go blind"
Anonymous says "My favorite part was when I typed in 'score' and it knew what I meant"

F*ck Quest FAQ

Who the heck is Ralph, that freak at the end of the game? Should I know this guy?

Believe it or not, Ralph is the star of his very own game, the critically acclaimed Ralph's Quest. Download Ralph's Quest released March 9, 1998 by Meezo, and find out!

I love this game. Is there going to be a sequel?

Very good question. Richard has teamed up with twisted genius Heywood Jablowmey to make Fu@k Quest 2: Romancing The Bone. If you want to find out more, go to this page for download instructions.

Damn it, your counter sucks! Can you fix it?

At this time, neither Heywood nor Richard have understood exactly how a GeoCities (tm) counter works. Rest assured the number of perverts is much higher than the counter reads. We have assembled a crack team of investigators to fix this bug.

Here's the number of perverts who have been here:

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