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R. Talsorian's BGC:RPG has created a wave of interest. There are sites everywhere detailing new adventures in the Bubblegum Crisis world.

R.Talsorian Games, publishers of the BGC:RPG and co-creators of the Fuzion system.

Fuzion Labs, the home site of the Fuzion system.

Bubblegum Crisis RPG Web Archive, the largest archive of BGC:RPG info on the WWW.

Rob hull has set up a small BGC:RPG section at the Bastion.

Sydney 2033, Robert Farquar's Bubblegum Crisis campaign, focusing on the Moblie Armoured Response Squads of Sydney.

Bubblegum Conundrum, Christian Conkle's BGC campaign, following the Dragon Knights of the Cascadia Metropolitan Axis.

BGCRing site is owned by Jinas

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