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What is Deathlord?

Deathlord is a role playing game (RPG), created by Al Escudero and David Wong for the Apple IIe and Commodore 64 computer systems. It was published by Electronic Arts in 1987 and 1988.

Boasting a world of 16 continents, 128 unique monsters, countless dungeons, and other things, the game was both immersive and highly addictive. Other reasons why Deathlord was a great game included its graphics, challenge, and replay value. Not only that, but the game fit on only 2 double density disks.

I consider it to be one of the all time best games ever made. If you haven't played Deathlord yet, then you don't know what you're missing. Deathlord proves that the games of yesterday can still be as fun as today's high tech counterparts.

The Game and Reviews

The game is old and will take some effort to find. I will be glad to help anyone having trouble finding the game. Just send me an email with your problem. You can sometimes find the game at places like Ebay. Check out the Deathord resource links below. Please note that those sites may not have working versions available.

My Deathlord review.
My original review at GameFAQs.
Andrew Schultz's review at GameFAQs.

FAQs and Help

Check here for the latest version. Any information in Deathlord news overrides the faq.

Deathlord Faq v0.41 (03-13-02)
Text (219k)

Deathlord Script v0.81 (03-13-02)
Text (69.8k)

Chris Anderson has started a Deathlord e-mail group for Deathlord help and discussion,

Join here.
View the message archive.

Additional Resources

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The Electronic Arts Index A list of almost every C64 program published by Electronic Arts. Everything to do with Apple IIe.

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