Douglas Bottoms

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Rank: Captain

Call Sign: Strider

Status: Active

Strider Johcannis, son Devrin and Tylani Johcannis, is one of the New Republic's newer pilots. Originally from Alderaan, his father moved his "shipping" business to Hosk Station orbiting the planet Kalarga after Alderaan had been destroyed. Strider and his father are not close in the least. Having been raised by his mother, he doesn't like his father's dealings with the Empire and with Black Sun, and with his mother's help, he has now joined the New Republic. Since then, he has changed his name to Douglas Bottoms to distance himself from the reputation his father has earned among those in the know. Thus far, his fellow pilots aboard the Rebellious are not aware of his past, and Strider would like to keep it that way.

Growing up, he was forced to learn how to handle a blaster and a ship, just in case. Since childhood, fighter craft have been a part of his life, and they are one of the few things that his father had shared with him. Strider found that he rather enjoyed the freedom of flight, and in the sky or in space, he built up his flying skills. He was on the verge of beginning a career as a stunt pilot, but after witnessing the terrible truth of his father's true business, he felt obligated to do something good. Strider felt the need to make up for the evil that his father represented. As a result, he changed his name and joined the New Republic. In the New Republic, Strider sees the chance to fight for a good cause and to oppose the Empire that had been responsible for the destruction of his childhood home. Someday, if he can earn a great reputation, he hopes to clear his family's name by revealing his lineage. Now, he is seeing his first real combat in the New Republic, and he does not regret giving up the chance to someday own his father's "business."

Planet of Birth: Alderaan

Medals: None


Contact: Striderman@Prodigy.net ICQ: 11340116 Zone: FRS_Strider

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