The Robotech Fanfic Drinking Game

In my many hounrs of net-trawling, I have come across many Robotech Fanfics. Of the many Robotech Fanfics I've read, many of them seem to be a lot alike, in terms of story, characters, plot, lack of writing quality, whatever. In fact, after a while they all seem pretty much the same to me. (Or maybe it's just the long hours at work doing me in. I dunno)

I've also come across many drinking games. The Star Trek TNG Drinking Game. The Babylon 5 Drinking Game. The BGC Drinking Game. The BGC Fanfic Drinking Game. The Mr Chekov Drinking Game. The Teenrage Moolah Nitwit Tortises Drinking Game. One guy even had a Drinking Game for his Mekton campaign. (Which says a lot about it, doesn't it?)

So, I figured, why not combine these two time-honoured Internet past-times. I now present: The Robotech Fanfiction Drinking Game! (Thunderous fanfare ruined by someone farting)

The Rules are simple. Whenever a described event/character feature/mecha/whatever appears, take the listed number of drinks. A "drink" is here defined as "a mouthfull or so". "Whole Beverage" means finish your glass.

What you will need: These Rules, Drinks, Friends, and, of course, a Robotech Fanfic.

(By the way: If my fanfic ever appears, feel free to drink it!)





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Comments? Complaints? Death Threats? Mail Me and register your Jeff.

Thanks to all of you who wrote the fanfics that gave me the insparation for this.

You are all drunken stoats