Hi! I'm Jackson! Of course, I'm the owner of this website. Thanks to Geocities, I have this website put up for soccer fans all around the world. If you are interested in putting up a website, just click below for an absolutely FREE website, giving you 6 megabytes of space to work with!

Alright! Soccer fans who visit this site must have played the game "Championship Manager" before (I hope you do!!!). I myself have played this game since the season 93/94. At that time, this game was not very popular, but one of the best soccer management game. At first, I manage Tottenham Hotspur, then later I took charge of Liverpool. Since then, I got to know a lot of soccer players, and I began to love this sport widely.

Then finally, the long awaited CM2 Season 95/96 was published. Immediately I bought one and played it, and because of this game, I lost a lot of sleep. But I think it's worth it. Every season I played, champion would surely be mine. I hate to say this, but every season, I have a top scorer scoring at least 100 goals and another player assisting over 100 goals too. My squad also scored more than 200 goals in the league every season. I'm not kidding! The two players are UWE ROSLER (Top scorer) and Brian Laudrup (Top assist). If you don't believe me, try it yourself, but you have to use my tactic perhaps.
Below is my tactic used in CM2 Season 95/96:

Numbers = Players / Style = Long Ball

This tactic is suberb and allows you to win 90% of your matches. I only lost twice and drawn once or twice each season, and won the Europeon Cup every season. As for the F.A. Cup and Coco-cola Cup, I had lost a few times in the finals.

After so many success in CM2 season 95/96, finally came CM2 Season 96/97. Of course at the start, I chose Liverpool to manage. The squad is not very much difference and I bought Uwe Rosler immediately. But I think his fire-power is lacking. I use the same tactic as I use in season 95/96, but it was totally a different result. I can't stop losing and Rosler was not scoring! I was sacked when the game reached about Febuary. I was faustrated. So I began to think of another tactic, and finally came up with this:

Numbers = Players / Style = Direct

I start a new season and use this tactic immediately. I also stop buying Rosler. The season starts and I began to win matches. Although I finished 2nd in the league, but I've won the F.A. Cup. It was quite an archieve, I must say! CM2 season 96/97 was really a tough one, but compared to the latest CM season 97/98, it was just a "Rookie" game.

Championship Manager season 97/98 is an enchance version of CM2. It can play a lot of leagues, and 3 leagues at the same time! But this game is tough. I tried my previous 2 tactics, but I would either lose or being thrashed! Once again, I have to think of another tactic, and I tried a lot of times, finally ended up with this:

Numbers = Players / Style = Direct

Although this tactic looks like a 5-3-2 formation, but it is not. This is the best tactic I can think of and winning the title is not a problem using this tactic. It is even more powerful when use with Monaco. I've tried it and I only lost once and drawn four times in the first season. So what do you think?