One Arbiter's Dilemma at the Closing Ceremony ...

Arbiter Quah Seng Sun with Maria Lucia Sulistya (left), Tamin Upi Darmayana (centre) and Ngan Phan-Koshnitsky (right)

There is certainly a lot to be glad about. This time, the arbiter is among Rena Mamedova (left), Irina Gorshkova (centre) and Angela Khegai (right)

Beauty and the Beasts
Seated from left to right: Anupama Gokhale, Ambica K Kutty (arbiter from India), Sathe Bagyashree, Maisa Ovezova, Maral Ovezova and Eva Repkova. Standing from left to right: Xu Yuhua, Ngan Phan-Koshnitsky, Maria Lucia Sulistya, Tamin Upi Darmayana, Nguyen Thuan Hoa, Nguyen Thi Dung, Mekhri Ovezova, Le Thi Phuong Lien and ... Quah Seng Sun!

Wait a minute...last photograph. Don't forget your hardworking Asian Cities/Asian Women's Homepage Webmaster. He decides to get into the act too; so here he is, happily pictured with Ngan Phan-Koshnitsky (left) and Xu Yuhua (seated)