~Pleasing the Mistresses~

"kneeling before You with knees resting on the soft earth and spread wide...slaves treasure exposed for Your pleasure...tanned chest pushed out with pride for my collar...my strong back straight and shoulders level..head held high but eyes lowered in respect...i can see my palms turned upward as they reach out towards Your breath taking body sitting before me...i sit waiting with baited breath for words from Your soft full lips...."
One slaves "Da/Na"...the stance of submission.

The Amazon slaves are treasures with immeasurable value. As We do not allow slaves to serve in the village unless collared and do not collar slaves until they have come to the village at least seven times, We assure the protective sanctity of the village for the slaves already collared there. The Mistresses treat each with respect due the station of a submissive, taking great pains to learn his or her desires and needs before accepting them as Their own. As a slaves main goal should be to please his Mistress in every way possible, he or she must be honest and open with information about his or her limits and desires. This honesty makes it possible for the Mistress to utilize the slaves strengths and weaknesses to Her advantage, thus keeping the slave happy at the same time. A symbiotic relationship with roles fully delineated makes it easiet to know just what is expected of Y/you.

The Rules

The slaves of The Amazon are expected to show respect to A/all M/members of the Tribe. Greeting the Queen first then the Mistresses,then Allys and Guests. Finally, you may greet your fellow slaves.

If S/someone creates a disturbance in the village and there are Mistresses or Allys about, let Them deal with the situation. If you are alone in the village and your life is in danger, remember, your life is not your own, it belongs to the Queen or your Mistress. You must protect your Mistresses property by either running way, entering the protection of the slave cages and locking the door behind you or, by fighting. This is an order and not to be taken lightly. If you do not protect your Owners property, you will be punished, and possibly killed if you are maimed beyond Her continued use. The village is surrounded by a stone fence, it is 9 feet high and has two gates and several hidden tunnels for exit and enterance. Only the Queen and Council know where the tunnels are and when one is compromised, We will raid another village for men to dig a new one, these men are then killed. The safety of the village is the resposibility of all the Mistresses but goverened by the Mistress of the Gates.

Always ask for permission to leave the village when a Mistress is present. When One is not present, there is no need to ask but it is always recommended that role playing with a "Ghost" player is a good way to add to the quailty of O/our home. Ask the Queen or one of the Council what a "Ghost" player is if you do not know. Mistresses are encouraged to do the same. Slaves who are owned by the village who are determined not to comply will be handed over to the Mistress of Pain. She is the Queens left hand. If She has to bring the slave to the Queen due to continued misbehavior, the Queens left hand becomes a sword against the neck of said slave. Be pleasing or your dead.

Do not send private messages without permission from the P/person you're sending to. A suggested way of doing this, and maintain the OOC BAN is to ask to 'whisper' to the P/person. If denied, drop it. Remember, NO OOC ALLOWED IN PUBLIC. ((OOC means Out of character))

Amazons don't like jealous or whiny slaves. If you are not mature enough to accept Her responsibilities to the Tribe, it might be best if you seek a Mistress elsewhere. If She chooses to take one slave or ten, it is Her business. If you are unhappy at being a lower slave on the ranks, don't beg a collar from a Mistress who has other slaves before you. Mistresses, if a slave of the camp continually displeases, You may take him/her into Your collar and commit the harshes of punishments upon him/her, ignore them. Once the slave becomes pliable again, or, chooses death, the collar may be removed and a camp collar returned. If Your training fixes the slave, You may keep him or her but owe the Queen three gold coins for females, two for males.

When serving a Mistress, leaving to do a chore or when exiting the village, submissives should always ask for permission, then stand and take three steps back. This allows the Mistress to see your acceptance of Her superiority as well as giving Her a moment to think of any other chores She might have for you. Those who prefer to crawl may do so, but back up before turning to your tasks.

When told to serve food or drink, or offering to do so, ask the Other Mistresses if They require anything as well, asking Each from your knees before the One You approach first, you may use a tray for multiple orders. This gesture earns your Mistress the admiration of those present. When serving your Mistress, ask NO ONE ELSE UNLESS TOLD TO. She is and always will be your main focus.

If you are new to the serve, watch your brothers and sisters actions for most have been trained by an accomplished Mistress. Make your serves pleasing in efficiency as well as sensuality. Full descriptions of your actions, body, environment and feelings shows your submissive heart to your Mistress. This is bound to please Her. Take extra time to check your work before showing it to the F/family, We would rather you take an extra moment to show perfection than show mistakes. The only right waty to do a serve is "with an eye on perfection".

Always taste the food and drink you serve your Mistress. Wait for six slave heart beats before offering the libation to Her. As Warriors, We oft times have enemies who would do Us harm by putting poison in Our wine or food. Prove your devotion by risking your life for your Mistress. Bites of food are to be taken with a clean eating utensil, offering another to Her. Drinks are to be sipped slightly, then the container wiped with a clean rag before handing it to the Mistress. You do not have to test for Guests, ever. I repeat, you are not to test food or drink for Guests, EVER.

Show your acceptance of Her station by positioning yourself in stances lower than Her as often as possible. When She sits, you kneel or crouch. When She stands, wait for orders for what you are to do. Walk behind her unless ordered otherwise. Sleep below her, eat after her, drink after her. Seek comfort only from her. Remember,assuming Her desires can bring trouble. The key here is to find out how your Mistress wishes you to behave.

Share any concerns you might have as to how you wish to be treated with prospective Mistresses so They might know if you are suitable to Their needs. Don't ask for a collar from a Mistress just to find out later that She cant or won't provide you with your special needs and desires. The same goes for the Mistresses as well. They need to share openly what it is that pleases them the most and the least so that you can be the best slave for them as possible. It is recommened that the Mistresses and slaves place bios on the board as soon as possible. Don't be shy, W/we are all here for the same reason, to commune with O/others of like minds.

As a rule, the things done to you in the village should not be tried at home without someone there for emergency assistance. The different degrees of BDSM and D/s can be pushed to the limits in v/t, where in r/t they might leave scars or cause nerve damage. It seems a shame that I needed to state this but it has oft times come to My attention that people are practicing the art at home without assistance. This can be dangerous, as always, it is the Mistresses duty to protect you, even from Herself or from you. When in doubt, ask the Queen.

There are times when the Mistresses need to deal with village issues. This might take Her attention away from you. The best example of a true submissive is one with a calm mind. If She is busy, take a task at hand. Ask permission first, then go about your business until called upon or the task is done. This signifies to your Mistress that you understand Her duties as well as your own. She is not your property, you are Hers.

The following is a list of things the slaves can do to keep the village in good working order as well as keep themselves busy. Staying active, especially when describing your actions in a seductive and descriptive manner is an excellent way to draw attention to yourself and possibly increase your collar status. Chores and other work can be copied and pasted to the forum. It's a good way to show O/others how much Y/you care about Y/your village.

~Slave Duties:~

1. Clean and organize the servery everyday. ((SEE MAP AND DIAGRAM))

2. Rake the sand garden around the temple and the beach in a different pattern everyday. Our village is on an island within the Meditarainian Sea. There are several beachs. One for larger ships, one for fishing boats and two for swimming. One of the swimming beaches is for intimate encounters, these are encouraged. The other is set with large bolders within a bay, there is a clif for diving from and oyster beds for hunting in. Slaves bath at the south edge of this bay. There are huts containing supplies for washing bodies and clothing. There are fires and caldrons for washing laundry. There is also a glass factory, a smallish stone building with an open roof. The Mistress of Glassmaking is in charge of this building and its works.

3. Replace the candles in the temple and flowers on the altar. The Mistress of the Temple is in charge of this. The list of candles for each occasion and flowers of the region will be posted soon.

4. Replace the oil of the Inner Flame lamp within the temple. Again, this is under the direction of the Mistress of the Temple. No slave enters the inner temple without permission but, there is a second and smaller temple outside and behind the Temple of the Inner Flame. ((SEE MAP AND DIAGRAM))

5. Chop wood and/or gathering wood and kindling for the fire. Too, the central fire must be tended constantly. It is a simple thing to bring fire to the central fire and add it as needed. This fire is no a bon fire mind you, it is simply the source for fire for any who need to rekindle T/their own cooking fires or fires for chores. Boiling water for baths, making soap, boiling bones and hooves for glue etc.

The Mistress of Supplies can direct you if needed. 6. Clean up the main fire area, replacing stones and/or cleaning out the ashes. Save the ashes to make soap with. The supply barn is on the south side of the village, beside the cow barns. ((SEE MAPS AND DIAGRAM))

7. Clean homes, huts, barns, slave cages, Temples Slaves will clean his or her Mistresses hut.

8. Gather eggs from the chickens daily.

9. Clean the animal pens. Groom and/or feed the animals.There are cows (free range in the day time, they need watched and rounded up for the pens at night, chickens (within a large pen down wind of the main camp living quarters, see map), sheep (free range in the day time, these need watched. Pigeons in a large aviary, some of which are homing pigeons for sending messages to other villages. There are goats which free range with the sheep and need tended for milk. We have dogs in camp which are owned by none but tended by A/all. These dogs need trained for hunting. Peacocks are Our sentries and need a wide berth as they are tempramental. They are loud and dangerous when threatened. Too, We fight the pestilence of rats and mice. Slaves who displease can be sent on hunts for these vermine. There are bee's that need tended as well. And finally, the horses. These are as valuable if not more so than slaves. Mistresses are expected to tend Their own horses and weapons. The only exception is while injured, another Mistress must take up Your task. We have tigers, cheetas and leapords trained for hunting humans. Each Mistress may own a large cat and must train it Herself.

10. Most of the big cats will be fed from with the bodies of the I/idiots who choose to disturb the village peace. We want the cats to enjoy the taste of H/human flesh but beware, mistreated, they will turn on You or Yours in a heartbeat. The camps cats are controlled, trained and led by the Mistress of Cats.

11. Make butter and/or cheese from cow or goats milk. Note: All farm animals are owned by the Queen. The Mistress of Supplies controls the stock for Her.

12. Collect milk daily. It is kept in urns within the cold house, a room dug into the ground which reaches the permafrost. The cold house for the main fire area is to the nort, see map. The cooking fires are to its left. There is a roof shelter over the cooking area or Outdoor servery. This is stocked with public use items and the dishes are washed in tubs on the long counters. Water must be brought from the river often every day, and it needs boiled before using. Clean up after yourself, there are no "Ghost" slaves to do your work. ((SEE MAP AND DIAGRAM))

13. Fish to replenish the servery. The list of fish and other water creatures will be placed here soon. The Mistress of Fishing and Wildlife has control over how, where and when these tasks take place. ((SEE MAP))

14. Build structures for the village. This must be coordinated with the Mistress of Planning. Our village has marble buildings, the temple and council building as well as the Queens home. The Council Members homes are wood and stone and the Mistresses who are in training live in huts made of peat blocks and straw roofs. These roofs need tended often. Slaves owned by the Queen or, camp slaves, live in huts built over iron cages. ((SEE MAP))

15. Tend the food and flower gardens.

16. Trimming and collecting grapes from the vines. More accomplished slaves may make wine

17. Clean and tend to the bath houses.

18. Tend to the hottub.

19. Clean and tend to the tools needed to run the village.

20. Clean the black smithe shop. (only with permission from the Queen)

21. Offer your service for carpentry or wood carving, painting or poetry, pottery or dancing. Any special talent you have to offer is welcome in the village.

Its not all about sex.......

~Collaring Slaves~
The Slave Collar is the representation of a stage of commitment between the Mistress and submissive.
The Formal Collar is offered by the Mistress with the intent to formalize the bond and attachment between Themselves and their submissive. It is a recognition of commitment, deep emotional feelings, devotion, mutual respect and consideration. It expresses a belief that the Mistress and submissive share similar ideals and a genuine and growing desire to share each others lives in The Amazon and perhaps extending beyond the villages walls.
It's weight within the O/our community is equivocal to the wedding ring. The acceptance of this collar by the submissive is an open, voluntary offering of their complete submission to the Mistress from that day forward.
The presentation of this collar often involves a joyous celebration including an exchange of vows, and /or benediction by The Queen. In addition, M/members may choose to engage in the placement of permanent body markings upon the submissive at this time. This can be via tattoo's, piercing, brandings, cuttings etc. Some ceremonies will include a carefully designed public scene so that the guests can visually enjoy and participate in this union and bond by watching the permanent marking in its application. This is a serious decision by B/both P/people and often arrived at after long periods of searching for just the right P/person and in many cases after being together for a long period of time to make sure that T/their choice is sound.
At this stage in the collaring process often the Mistress and submissive feel the same deep love that any vanilla couple might feel coupled to the trust, respect and commitment so crucial in the D/s lifestyle. To be invited to attend a D/s Formal Collaring is similar to being invited to a wedding. If you are invited to a collaring but are not very familiar with the participants then be polite, courteous and respectful.
DO NOT interrupt a scene with questions or commentary.
Wait until the completion of a scene to address the Mistress. It is often considered proper to congratulate the submissive independent of the Mistress after such a collaring After you have congratulated the Mistress. If you are in doubt as to this protocol then take the opportunity to ask the Mistress when you are congratulating them if it is permissible to congratulate their submissive.
Remember that if the submissive has just scend, been pierced, branded or tattooed they may and probably will be in sub-space. Be gentle, friendly and kind and forgive them if they are wobbly, spacey and a bit out of it . By the way - the Mistress may be a bit shaken too, so a good hug or two is generally not unwelcome (this depends on the temperament of the Mistress of course!) Often an open play party commences after such events.

~The Collars:~

The Leather Collar:
The new slave is to be placed in the leather collar signifying he/she is in training. The slave is owned by The Amazon is considered owned by all the Mistresses of the village. New slaves must learn O/our ways before being collared but his or her training is continued while wearing a leather collar. Slaves not owned by an individual Mistress must undergo testing by The Queen in order to be promoted to a Copper collar. The leather slave serves All in the Tribe including Allys, and is a pleasure slave to All. Only slaves collared to a Mistress are exempt from serving All Members of The Amazon .

The Copper Collar:
This collar indicates that the slave has their serves, and is diligently working for self improvement. Copper slaves serves all in the Tribe and has earned the right to enjoy sexual favors from the Mistresses.

The Silver Collar:
Slaves allowed to wear a gold collar are shown how valued they are as property to their Mistress. They have earned the right to be thought of as a personal breeder to their Mistress. The have also earned the right to own a few personal items as well. This of course is up to their Mistress. The slave that earns this collar can be considered for the position of slave groomer. The groomer helps prepare his/her brother or sister for a Mistress by helping them bathe, doing their hair, putting jewelry on them, stimulating them to keep their desires high and generally showing their family the tender care needed to make them worthy of Us. No groomer may groom unless a slave or slaves are assigned to them.

The Gold Collar:
The slave that has earned a Silver collar has to have been a member of the tribe for one year. They must have shown the ability to not only serve their Mistresses well, but have shown that they tend to the daily needs of the village, show a genuine concern for their fellow brothers and sisters and have a working knowledge of ALL the rules and Ways of Kaladon. This slave has earned the right to become a slave trainer. The Mistresses train Their Own slaves but the slaves collard to the Village are to be shown the way by the Mistresses as They see fit, and the slave trainers. No trainer may fully teach unless a slave or slaves are assigned to them.

The Jeweled Collar:
This collar shows to A/all that this slave has achieved perfection of the status "slave" . Unquestioned abilities of a submissive and pure attainment of enlightenment of what The Amazon represents.


The Binding posture:
A slave will lie on their belly, forehead pressed to the floor. Ankles crossed and wrists, also crossed, in the small of their back. Then waits motionless to be bound.
A slave kneels with thighs spread wide, exposing their treasure, for the Mistresses pleasure. With back straight, chest pushed forward head held high, eyes lowered to the ground, hands rest at their side, palms up to show submission.
The Crawl:
A slave drops to all fours, forearms flat on the ground, and lowers head so that it is slightly above the ground with hips high. Crawling to the Mistress until their head is by Her boots.
A slave kneels behind the Mistress's right foot. As She moves they must remain just behind Her foot, but never come in contact with it at any time.
A Slaves Collaring:
A slave kneels at the Mistress's feet, sitting on their heels. Placing their arms behind their back, crossing the wrists and extends neck.
The Yielding:
A slave lies on their belly, placing his chin on the Mistress's feet.
Perfect Slaves' Kiss:
A slave drops to their hands and knees, forehead to the ground and hips raised high. with thighs spread wide, exposing their slave heat for the Mistress's pleasure.
Our Slave Lips:
A slave turns their head up to the Mistress, puckering lips, waiting motionless, forbidden to move until the Mistress's kiss brings release.
Shown Obedience:
A slave kneels, bending at the waist, placing a cheek to the floor. Then, taking the Mistress's right foot, places it upon their neck, arms behind their back with wrists crossed. A slave might assume this position if they have displeased the Mistress, as it shows complete submission, Her foot on their neck showing that they offer even life freely.
Her Clasp:
A slave kneels with their knees modestly together, back straight, eyes lowered. Palms rest down upon their thighs.
Willing Whipping position Unfettered:
A slave quickly drops to their knees and raises hips. they place their head to the floor and then crosses their arms above their head. waiting motionless ready to accept the Mistress's punishment. Variation a slave stands legs shoulder width apart arms crossed in front. Standing motionless awaiting their punishment.

~More to come.......~

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