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Tina Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26th, 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee to a sharecropper (dad) and Zelma. She always had a good voice, on films she saw families that were happy, and that?s how she wanted hers to be. Her father contantly beated on her mother and one day it became too much, Her mother Zelma and 13 year-old sister, Eileen, left for St. Louis, leaving 10 year-old. Anna to live with her father and maternal grandmother. When Anna was 13, her father remarried and moved to Detroit. In 1955, When Anna was 16, her grandmother died, and she went to live with her mother. Her sister Eileen was a bartender at the Club Manhatten, a night club were famous bands play. One night she took Anna with her, and a band called the The Kings of Rhythum was looking for a lead singer. The mike landed in Anna?s hand. She rocked the joint. She became the new lead singer, but there was one stumbling block in her way, her mother wanted her to finish high school and become a nurse, but she soon gave in.. Tina said ?Ike treated me like a younger sister, he bought me expensive gifts and tought me alot about the music business.? When Anna was 16 Ike was 24. Soon, she gained interest in the band?s saxophone player, Raymond Hill. In 1957, when she was 18, she became pregnant. She had a baby Boy named Raymond Craig Turner. (it became Turner when Ike and Anna got married, Ike adopted him.) Anna moved in with Ike, who was already involved with a girl named Lorraine, and he had two sons, Ike, Jr. And Michael, (who Tina adopted after her and Ike were married). When Lorraine found out she moved in, she thought Ike was having an affair so she attempted suicide, but she survived. After Anna had her baby, Raymond left the group and Ike changed Anna?s name to Tina and they were married in Tijauna, Mexico, Ike soon adopted Craig. He formed a group called Ike, Tina and the Ikettes. ?A fool in Love? hit the top on the charts, both black and white. Ike and Tina moved to California. There marriage began good, When she was twenty she had Ike?s baby, Ronald (aka Ronnie). He started the ?Ike and Tina revue?, also. Ther marriage started to become rocky, everything Ike wanted Tina to do she did, and if she didn?t he?d beat her. Phil Specter asked her to record ?River Deep Mountain High? which was thought to be another hit, but it only reached #88 on the U.S. pop charts. She was named the hardest working woman in rock. Despite the lack of the sucess of ?River Deep Moutain High? she had another hit, Creedance Clearwater?s ?Proud Mary?In 1977, she had had enough with Ike she left him and divorced him. It became final in 1977. Now she felt all the weight on her shoulders was gone. She was a free woman and she loved it. With the help of her australian manager, Roger Davies, she released her multi-platinum album in December of 1984, Private Dancer, with the hit ?What?s Love got to do with it?. At first Tina didn?t like the song, but she recorded it anyway. She came out with an autobiography ?I Tina? which led to the movie ?What?s Love Got To Do With It?. She turned 63 in November of 2003, with thirty years of experience under her belt, she still catches the hearts of her fans with her heart-felt voice and soulful dancing.