Bad To The Bone Butch

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Hi and Welcome to Tiny Paws! You have reached Butch's Bad To The Bone Page! Come on in and get to know me better!

Hi my name is Butch, But my real name is Bad To The Bone Butch.
I thought I would tell you a little about myself.
I was born November17,1999. My mom is Peluchi and my Pop is Chico. There were three of us born but my two sisters did't make it even though my human mom tried her best to save them. She had to hand feed us all because my real mom wouldn't. But my sisters were so weak and frail. I wasn't very big either but somehow I made it, and soon after the first two weeks my real mom decided she would take care of me after all and started to feed me. Here is a picture of mom feeding me!

See how small I was!
It wasn't easy either she had to feed me every two hours for two weeks. I am so glad she did though! And she is always telling me it was the best times spent ever! We spent alot of time together though I was always looking for a warm place to crawl into!

Here I am with KC,
She thinks I am the best thing since the Backstreet Boys!!

Here I am , my first steps!
Don't you think I'm a cutie patootie!

I love to chew on anything
so mom gave me this big bone!

As you can see I can get very very tired!
It's not easy being me!

As you can see,

He He He

Mom and I always have such a good time together!

Actually I jumped up here so I could see all the food beter.

I just hope Mom gives me something !

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