So, I know you are just dying to know where I will be attending college.  Well, I got in TLU, Trinity, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Southwestern,  The University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, and NYU.  I have decided on UT!  Next year I will be a freshman Undecided Business Major.  I visited The Hardin House and love it!!!  All of the girls there are so nice, and the rooms are really great too.  The best part is your freedom to decorate the room in almost any way imaginable.  The specific house I want is Grant House. I can definitely see myself being very happy there next year.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Hardin House has 222 girls living there, and it is only 3 blocks from UT and my favorite part of the drag!  Graduation was pretty cool--complete with a few fireworks!
    Orientation is June 12-16.  I'm that will be a lot of fun.  Rec. letters anyone??

I got Grant House, and the room I wanted!  I also have the most badass roomate for next year.  Her name is Priscilla, and she's from Lubbock.  All that is left for college is orientation and decorating!  If I'm not completely wrong (I know somebody will correct me if I am), classes don't start until after Labor Day!  Rush is the week before, and I move in August 22nd.  So.....with all of that information, you should be set.....but here's my Univ. email address too!
Keep me informed with all of your changing stuff!!
So, I am assuming all of you are either headed to college or already there.  I am here at the good ol' U of Texas, and so far have had a lot of fun.  I'm living in Hardin House, and if you want, there is a picture of my roomate and me on the Pictures page.  I  am going through Rush, and at this point know which sorority will bid on me, and which one I will choose.  That information is yet to be disclosed.  I will give you one clue though...Betsey Johnson is an Alumni!  Right now I am burning time until another party begins.  Tomorrow is Bid Day, and it should be very long but fun.  School starts the next day (Wednesday) and I am very anxious.  I hope everyone else is having a blast, making wonderful new friends, and adjusting to their new environment.  I love y'all!
OK, so now that you all know all---what do you think?  Currently I am quite lonely in my humble abode here at Hardin House.  I'm doing well in school---economics is probably my hardest class.  Calc 2 is getting its ass kicked by yours truely!!!  What else---oh...Parents Weekend is next weekend, so that should be a lot of fun.  Tomorrow I have 2 midterms, Thursday another one, and next Monday yet another.  I guess that's how it goes.  To anyone who is still in highschool.  Don't worry too much about college...its just as natural as the progression from middle to secondary school.  Well, that's all for now.  If anyone gets up to Austin anytime, give me a call.  You have a 100% guarantee I'll be studying.  Hope everything is going well for y'all!  Love y'all!
OK.  So I haven't really updated this page in a long time...and now I see why.  I've changed a lot in the past couple of years without really knowing it.  So update here goes:  I'm a junior marketing major at UT.  I will graduate in May 2005 with a major in marketing and a minor in chemistry and biology (proves I had no clue what I was getting myself into with the whole wanting to be a physician thing).  I work for a cellular phone company called T-Mobile.  If you haven't checked our plans out, they could save you a pretty penny (and get better service too)!  So besides the whole school thing and the work thing I don't have much time for anything else but my boyfriend.  His name is can see him on the other links from the homepage.  Hope I gave you enough updated info!!!