"Friends are angels sent from above."
This is my grandpa, Popeye!  He's just hangin out at my house : )
Aug. 2001
This is my best friend, Nina.
Nov. 1999
This is a picture of some cousins and my sisters.  L to R: Natalee, Kristy, Kelly, Karrah, Me, and Shelley.
Nov. 1999
This is my Dad and my middle sister, Shelley! Aug. 2001
Noelle, me and Sara
Nice little party at Patricia's House.  L to R: Jenny, Laurie, Therese, and Me.  C'mon!  It was the last time to see everybody! Aug. 2001
From left to right, this is Noelle, me, and Sara.  This is up in New York @ Cornell University.  Not exactly the best picture in the world....but hey...we were taking a much needed break from being studious!!! : ) July 2000
This is Randy "G-BABY" Goins, my baby sister Natalee, and my roomie Priscilla on a little trip to Victoria.  This was taken in my room before we went to see a movie or something... ; )  Sept. 2001
This is Priscilla and Me after a Rush Party Aug. 2001