Wanita Dot Us Is Women of Malaysia. This website provided information and knowledge sharing through Malaysia Women Cyber Club. We have email, forum, ecard and safe surf for wanita

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Wanita Dot Us. Us in Malay mean kami and wanita in English mean woman. We had selected .us because we want to show unity between women of the world. Our website is just plain old simple HTML website. Simple Is Us, please visit our forum at http://forum.wanita.us/ This forum is in Malay or English.

Just a brief tour of our website. For anyone that want to have a email with domain @wanita.us please used our email service. Anyone  that looking for friendship and partner for your date maybe our dating zone will help you to fine one. Want to share opinions, experience, knowledge or share your inner voice please visit our forum. Keep your relationship going by sending our virtual post card or e card. For the parents or anyone that want to search safely try our safe surf page and second from last because we have no last, for cell phone users you can find your favorite ring tones, wall paper and Java games at our ringtones page. All of this can be found at the left hand side of this web page. Hopely you are enjoying our site.

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