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These page's is for all them Cajun food lovers
and for all the Alligator lovers too.
Hi There My Name Is Jim I've been traveling
Louisiana for about 15 years. I sell Alligator
Buildings for Conrad American out of Houghton
We have them in 30',33',36'and 43' they come
with a 5 degree pitch roof.
For Alligator Buildings In Louisiana
Call SK Enterprises 318-584-2715
Talk with Kenneth or John.
Coonass Microwave ovens
Cooks whole hog in 4 hrs.
for more details, Call
You are the Great person to visit
Good Cajun Band
DI's Cajun Resturant
Basil, La.
Great Food & Drinks
Live Cajun Bands
Don Fontenot
LA Louisianne

For Bookings Contact:
Don Fontenot 318-826-7464
L. Thibodeaux 318-432-5261
Gator Cove Cajun Resturant
Boudin Lovers
Prejeans Cajun Resturant
Hwy 167 North Appox. 1
mile north of I-10
Tony's Supermarket
Hot & Spicy
Great Boudin,Nice
and Spicy
Gator Cove in Lafayette
Has Tours to see Gators
in Conrad American
Alligator Buildings.
I have a couple of real nice friends
in the small town of Elton, La.
Cindy and John I really love those
two, John can cook a real mean
mess of Crawfish. The Local Tavern
One Eyed Jacks is the place to go.
Lori & Steve a real neat couple who are
Grain Bin Dealers for me, In Liberal,Mo
And are the best friends a person could
have, I think the world of them for true
Friendship is hard to find....
Lori's Place
Now for the Love of my life and that is
Karin, We have been together now for
14 years and we both have pages on
ICQ. She has traveled with me all around
the states that I work in, and she also
enjoys cajun food.
Karin's Place
A little note for Cheeseburger
Loves working on Grain Bins
Alias: Rosie The Riveter..
Sweet Gal From Liberal,Mo
Cheeseburger fixing water leak
need more bubble Gum Dad. :)
Click here for My Ten Angels
Click here for Jim and Karin's new Page
Now for a few words about another friend of mine
His Name is Cork,A real friend and a heck of a guy.
he Farms in SW Missouri, He does drink the right
Beer, LITE from Miller. When Cork was made they
threw away the mold. And he signed the wrong
Guest Book...
Click here to see where I work
Good Cajun Recipes