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Use this site to get information about the STRIVE program, to learn more about job leads and interview fairs, find out about upcoming events, and to discuss issues that are important to individuals who are empowering themselves through participation in the workforcecds.

Program Description

STRIVE exists so that people in South West and South Central Michigan are trained to obtain and sustain gainful employment, resulting in an improved work force and communities.
STRIVE is a non-profit organization that provides FREE job readiness training. Inidviduals that complete the training are then connected with area employers. STRIVE stays in contact with its graduates and with their employers for a minimum of two years in order to provide the ongoing support services that lead to long-term participation in the workforce.

STRIVE Scoreboard
Since March of 1999
  • 361 individuals have completed the STRIVE training.
  • Of Graduates who were unemployed at enrollment, 150, or 68.81%, are currently employed.
  • The average wage for these individuals is $8.39 per hour.
  • Of Graduates who were employed at enrollment, 128, or 90.14%, are currently employed.
  • The average wage for these individuals who are working is $10.86 per hour.



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