Aye, I suppose I should 'ave backed down meekly, lest the Contressa come after me (oh, horrors!).
   Arctic cast supercedes smirking reflection o' spitfire's countenance as flowing sinew draws tense in anticipation of vehement engagement. Bulk o' chassis shifts to hocks for naught but a moment as adversary advances. Instead of endeavoring to circumvent impact, force is responded to in kind. Friesian lineage lends both brawn and lissome agility, yet strength is depended 'pon for the moment as forequarters smash into precariously balanced torso, in a malicious attempt to down 'er opponent. Perpetuating momentum coupled with lowered dial aids in evasion of assault upon jugular; aggression to crest is taken unflinchingly, chthonion orbs darting to realize enemy weaknesses. Disengaging briefly, feathered pistons propell frame past that of hostile femme, then fore extremities lift briefly in pirrouette as swerve is made to view results o' attempted carnage.