Spyware and browser hijackers are infringing upon our rights. It is unconstitutional for our property to be used to force us to view web pages and to occupy our disk space without our consent or knowledge. You may have experienced a website taking over as your default home page on your browser. To many people this is very frustrating and a terrible inconvenience. It is unlawful for people to make you do things against your will, such as prayer. I see no reason why it is ok to make you have to use a search website that has parasited your computer without your permission. I don't know of anyone who wants spyware or parasites to invade their hard drive and dictate how they use their browser.

Popups are another example of annoyances unwanted by computer users. You may have experienced some popups on this page. We apologize for that but we are working towards getting an ad free site as funds are low at this moment. Please help us in the crusade to make it unlawful for businesses to use OUR disk space on pc's that WE have purchased, and occupy OUR internet space that We have paid access for each month.

If someone were to break into our homes and take something from us without our permission they would be subject to prosecution for burglary, breaking and entering, and possibly larceny. Spyware and browser hijackers are, in essence, violating the same laws. They are coming into our homes and taking up our disk space without our permission or knowledge. They may change your desired home page to a home page of their preference. Some of these parasites can do enough damage to your computer to cause detailed maintenance to be performed. In some cases, when the parasite is not deleted properly, you may lose part of your system files and need to go through a long process of restoring these needed components to your pc.Some parasites allow remote access to the very files you are able to access. This is a direct violation of your privacy and personal rights, not to mention, it is a very annoying and inconvenient situation. The National Do Not Call Registry was a great idea. It was done for some of the same principles that these parasites function under. Let's stop them from pushing us around like we did the telemarketers. You may contact your Senators through e-mail by using the appropriate link below.

In the future any links that can aid you in the removal of such sites above will be posted. If anyone has a site they want posted please contact me at barretty@charter.net or click the button below. Hope we can achieve this goal.

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