The Annals of the Album of the Week
(Ha Ha... It says "Annals..." ...)
The week of November 13, 2000 - Nelly Furtado - Whoa, Nelly!
Comment: Gay title, Great Pop Debut. 
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The week of November 20, 2000 - Calibretto 13 - Enter the Danger Brigade
Comment: Fun Acoustic Punk...
The week of November 27, 2000 - Wu Tang Clan - The W
Comment: Finally someone makes a streamlined east coast rap album...
The Week of December 4, 2000 - LA Symphony - Composition No. 1
Comment: The second best Christian Rap Album of all time.  Sequel coming in 2001.
The Week of December December 11, 2000 - One Silent Night - Various Artists
Comment: The best Christmas Album released this year.
The Rest of December, 2000 - Jake
Comment: Boy Band Pop at it's best.  Conform or be left behind!
First Week of January 2001: - Mary Timony - Mountains
Comment: This album really kicks a Bull Mooses' Heiney!
Sometime in March 2001 I think: - Rammstein - Herelzeid
Comment: Awesome melodies, not as good as the more recent MUTTER though.