MG! The Visionary - Transparemcee
This was by far my favorite album RELEASED in the year 2000.  Mg! has created one of the most phenominal rap albums I have ever heard.  It is blatantly excellent.  The beats are from places I could never even understand (check out "'Sponsible".  It's simple "boon-dee-boon-dee-boon-boon" will attach itself to your head and drag you around for weeks.).  The samples are some of the most creative since 36 Chambers dropped oh so many years ago (He samples ska music in a very downbeat song... How does he do it???)  And the lyrics... oh dear Lord the lyrics... Mg! has a lyrical prowess that few mc's could ever hope to obtain.  Think, Kool Keith in a sane man's mouth.  He talks about issues that no other rappers discuss.  He has a way with his words that sitck with you and pop up in everyday conversation, like Scripture or something (I'm trying not to be blasphemous...)  This album was loved by critics and panned by radio stations everywhere.  You don't need a retarted chorus to have a hit (although this album has many memorable choruses), hit radio is not all about "ThongThongThongThongThong..."   Oh well, go buy this album and prove the big wigs wrong.  FUN FACT:  Also, go buy some Raisin Bran Crunch.  MG! is giving a "thumbs-up" on the back of the box.
Fiona Apple - When the Pawn...
This album was technically released in 1999, not 2000.  But when I saw the consumers poll of their top albums of 2000, and saw Santana in the number one spot, I decided I could add Fioner.  I LISTENED to this album more than any other album in the year 2000.  Even more than Mg!  So, I guess in the year 2000, this was my favorite album.  I have no idea why I even bought this album.  I ordered it from Columbia House because I had a free CD I needed to use up and for whatever reason, I ordered this.  I never got into Fiona's debut album, Tidal, though I have owned a copy for years on account that it was a refused gift (I now like Tidal almost as much as this one).  There are two things that set this album apart from all the other Top 40 albums out there.  For one, Fiona's incredible voice.  I have never heard a singer with a voice like hers.  It's deep, but not bassy and manly.  It's soft, but sharp.  It's whispy, but firm.  It's very unusual.  I have found out in the last year that more people hate Fiona than hate the Spice Girls.  Everyone says Fiona is too whiney.  She never whines!  They obviously have never actually listened to her and are letting others made descisions for them.  (You want to talk whiney?  "oh... BayyyybeeeEEE! Ooops EYE did it a-GAIN..." *shudder*)  The second thing, sorry I got sidetracked, is rather subtle to the average listener.  It is something that most people never even notice and something that rarely gets any respect or recognition.  The drums.  The drums on When the Pawn... are some of the most creative and strange ever recorded.  I think she is using two drummers for alot of whats going on, because I cannot fathom one man doing so much in such a small space.  The record even has a drum solo here and there.  How often do you see that nowadays?  I cannot describe how they sound.  They must be heard to be appreciated.  But they always support the song and keep the beat.  They could be alone on a cd and I would buy a copy.  It would win awards.  You have to listen past her voice to capture them.  Which is a difficult task in itself.
No. 1!