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I'm now available for online tarot readings. If you are interested, please email me for more information.
Never Can Say Good-by-- a screenplay.  To help a friend, Elizabeth agrees to teach a writing course at a small college. She expects to find a sleeply town with a long history, but instead she finds herself dealing with violently jealous wife and the past mistakes she is only beginning to remember.To read an excerpt , click here. 
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My Blog--politically incorrect views on politics and spirituality.
Out of the Shadows is diverse magical wisdom for the beginner as well as the experienced.  From protection rituals to justice to contacting the Old Ones, there are spells and rituals for the modern world.
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From Blank Pages To Book Shelves  is an ebook that describes both the creative and marketing process is involved with making a book successful.  This books is also a Amazon Kindle.
Alyssa becomes the target Deputy Nevel's violent obsession.  Her complains only bring more abuse.  To understand why she has been singled out, Alyssa performs a karmic ritual.  Instead of a message she is taken back to the time when love and clan traditions are tested by change and betrayal.
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