Darshan in a day: Advance reservation of cottages and darshan tickets will help have a smooth and hassle-free piligrimage. It can be made at aby of the TTD centres in the country or by sending Demand Draft (DD) to the Executive Officer,TTD, three months in advance. Some 'special daily seva' tickets can be obtrained one day early (see details in paid seva tickets) at the Vijaya bank, opposite the Vaikuntham Queue Complex. Thyose intending to have a quick darshan can obtain 'Sahasra deepalankarana seva' tickets (SD Seva) each costing Rs.1,000. The special ritual will be performed in the evening in front of the pooja and five persons will be allowed for darshan after the pooja. The tickets will usually be available during the week days, as the number of those performing this ritual will be less. Quick darshan may also be had by obtaining cellar entry tickets. The sanctioning authority of these tickets is the TTD EO, the IEO and the Deputy EO on the Tirumala hills. The Assistant Executivge Officer,(RO-1),TTD,Tirumala,may be contacted on the phone numbers 0877-2277681,0877-2270928 for confirmation of cottage reservation. Piligrims may also book cottages at the Central Reception Office (CRO) located near the bus terminal in Tirumala. Special Darshan for NRIs: It has been decide in the recent TTD board meeting that Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) will be provided with special darshan through cellar entry. The NRIs can avail of this facility by producing their credentials such as VISA, passport at the Assistant Executive Officer, vaikuntam Queue C0mplex for obtaining darshan tickets. They will be alloted cellar entry tickets each costing Rs 100 after their credentials approved by the AEO (Vaikuntham). There is, however, no restriction on the number of family members for darshan. It will be under discretion of the AEO. Online seva tickets on the anvil: The TTD is contemplating to introduce online reservation of seva tickets (rituals) on experimental basis. In view of increasing influx of piligrims the Devasthanam is planning to set up online booking counters in various parts of the country. This will prevent piligrims his brother,Balarama.They reveal to him that after the fall of Bheesma the battle was not fought in accorddance with the laid down norms. In other words, the battle was fraught with all that is adharma. Pained at the devolpment,Balarama embarks on a piligrimage. As a part of it he visits Tirumala and worshipped Lord Venkateswara. This apart, the temple had an ancient andf chequered history. According to availble inscriptions,the existence of the temple traces back to the 3rd Century A.D.The sanctum sanctorum,also known as the Ananda nilayam, meaning the abode of bliss,was renovated in 614 A.D.And an indication to this effect can be found in the palm leaf books said to have been written by Perim Devi, one of the queens of the Pallava Dynasty. The temple witnessed immense development during the reign of the Pallava during the 9th Century A.D.,while it received further facelift during the period of the Cholas and the Pandyas. The first Brahmotsavam (annual festival) to the Lord was celebrated in 1328 A.D. under the aegis of the plllava King, Vijayaganga Gopala