Lord Balaji Diamond idol Frames & Chanting boxes (mantras) laminations Ananda Nilayayam golden dooms !!!

::: Lord Balaji Diamond idols With chanting :::

Description :
Stones: These frames are made with marvelous craftsmanship, studded with Imported artificial American Diamonds.
Lighting: Excellent lighting arranged.
1) Ekantha Seva "Darshan" effect.
2) "Suprabhatam Seva Darshan"
3) "Sarva Darshan" effect.
Exaust: Fan.
Frame: Synthatic Frame molded with gold color.
Bulbs: Total bulbs involved 22 for excellent effect.
Chanting: Made with digital sound with computer chip specially designed. Two types of chanting "OM NAMO VENKATESAYA" and "SUPRABHATAM" of M.S.SUBBA LAXMI "VINAVENKATESHAM NANATHO NANATHAHA".... It can run for 24 Hrs uninterupted.
110 v & 220 v
Side Switches:
1.There are 5 electrical switches which control effects of lighting and volume. A special switch is for night time Darshanam effect with fluorescent light.
2. one switch Off/On

Sizes: There are three models (No.5) price = Rs.10,000, (No.6) is 15000/-, (No.7) is 25000/- Plus freight charges. wherever applicable)

For deatils to more about these wonderful idols Please Contact :
Email : dandora@rediffmail.com. and Ph. No :  0877-2224545 Tirupati 0877-2224545 cell ph.98851-21146.
Cell :  91-0861-3107468  Please note above price is for Indian supply's for overseas packing and cargo charges are added. CHANTING BOXES ARE AVAILABLE FOR VPP RS 600/- FOR MEDITATION PURPOSE.