The Bhagavad Geetha is the sacred book of the Hindus. It is in the form of dialogue between Krishna the God and Arjuna the Warrior. Philosophically Krishna represents the Ultimate. Arjuna represents Everyman. The Bhagavad Geetha is purported to have been spoken right in the middle of the battle front in the great  war towards the climax in the great epic  the Maha Bharatha. Arjuna out of doubt renounces his will to fight the battle. Krishana inspires him to go to war. Symbolically the war represents Life every being has to face. In the discourse of Bhagavad Geetha "Bhagavaan Uvaacha" is used to mean       " Thus Spoke the Lord".Here in this satirical writing KSV uses the epithet and form to comment on various current topics and interests and happenings.....and while Bhagavaan is the God Bhaktha is the Devotee...
-Hey God Oh God! What is meant by developing Tirupati?
-Why my dear Bhaktha? Why bring- in the topic of development? All the world knows Tirupati is a sacred place..
- But then my God..what is to be developed in a sacred place? Is int it righteousness that needs be developed?
- Why not Bhakta? What is lacking here? There are many rest houses.. given rent free..lot many buss bus stations as the say.. free feeding for tokens tied around your wrist for the sacred Darshan .. then the sacred prasadam..the great Ladduu..there is an int it all development? You just cant see or expect such development either in the capital of the state Hyderabad or the capital of the country..New Delhi..
Thats what bothers us my Lord.. There is such sacredness here in Tirupati you cant see its likeness anywhere else..But then is this sacredness or righteousness or it in the increase or in the decrease??
-Ooh Bhaktaa! ..we are missing something! people consider development differently.It is like doing things as they like you see..Some people come out and say ..well..Tirupati is they go ahead and do whatever they like...and that is total developement! And yes...that goes as developement..hey..why do you ..blink??