'TisArt' by Peadar

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Exhibition : Merrion Square Dublin 2 Ireland. Sunday 10:00am 5:30pm

Tis in a Spin . . . .Tis in a spin

Tis Penny Drops


Tis Mobile




Tis Hugger



Tis Peadar

A Kerry Poet

"From John McCarthy. The Kerry Poet (c)"

The Saatchi Gallery

Tis 'Of the day'

Winking Tis

winking tis

Peadar, the artist, is descended from a tribe of celts who ventured out onto the wild North Atlantic ocean in currachs. Peadar studied art/drawing at University College Dublin with Aiden Gaffney. Peadar studied Japanese Art History at Trinity College Dublin. The "'Tis" was born on Merrion Square in Dublin , Ireland. The 'Tis pictures are usually drawn on the sea cliff path on Howth Head. The "Tis" got its name when people asked "Is it a cat? , a mouse?, a bunny?, a rat?. One lady said "Oh look my chiwawas"! and a Chinaman thought they were foxes. Each time I answered, "Yes 'TIS", so they became known a'TIS"........ Come along any Sunday from 10:10am till 6:00pm , meet the artist Peadar and browse or buy my TisArt pictures .......... www.TisArt.com

List of some Previous requests

TIS: My first six tis . for Cecily.
TIS: Sweet martini. for Rosini, Nyc
TIS: Georgous . for Ed.
TIS: Delicious.
TIS: At slurp two tis . for Maura
TIS: Olive . for Olive
TIS: Cello. for a young cellist of great taste
TIS: Half full Half empty. for Shiela

TIS: The Inventors Series for Eilish
TIS: McLaren, for my very best Fan in his buggy
TIS: For all my many customers
TIS: who paid cash and took away a TIS
TIS: For the japanese teacher
TIS: The family from Jacksonville USA
TIS: The lady from Finland
TIS: The American Lady who said,I Must have it
TIS: The splits for Rebecca
TIS: On the sholders of giants
TIS: The great inventors
TIS: Haley Bopp
TIS: Eurika
TIS: A long cold shower
TIS: Jazz Blues
TIS: The King
TIS: The Music too !
TIS: The The minister for shady deals
TIS: The the sisty uglers and TBO
TIS: A long low note
TIS: Lost
TIS: Headers

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