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What is Tisbus?

Tisbus is the Tisbury & District Community Minibus service.

What is the purpose of Tisbus?

The minibus provides a demand led door-to-door service for people in the area who have difficulty in accessing normal transport services.

Who runs Tisbus?

Tisbus is run by a Charitable organisation run by a Board of Trustees who give their time on a voluntary basis. There are currently 4 paid drivers and a paid co-ordinator.

Is it only for the elderly or disabled?

No, anyone can use it. For example if there is no public service to a local village or town, or if there is no service at the time required, give Tisbus a ring.

What sort of vehicle is Tisbus?

There are two vehicles - one is a 9-seater Peugeot Boxer complete with seat belts throughout. The other is a 14-seater Peugeot Boxer again with seatbelts and also a wheel-chair lift thus enabling those with mobility problems to have easy access.

Is it only individuals who can use Tisbus?

No, societies and even individuals can hire a minibus at very competitive rates. You can provide your own driver (following approval by the Trustees) or use one of the Tisbus drivers - for which you will be billed extra.

What type of journeys does Tisbus undertake?

Tisbus visits neighbouring villages and towns, takes Members to the local surgeries, clinics and hospitals for appointments and organises trips to places of interest

How do I find out about Tisbus?

Contact the Hon Secretary and she will give you all the details of how to become a Member and how to access the 'bus.