Hey well here it is so far. I am on my grandparents computer who have broadband and i only have dial-up so it will take me awhile to get this up and running like i like. Page builder takes so long and has problems when i want to upload my own pics so it's frustrating. I'll deal and try best i can. This site will have those cartton dollz some made by me and some from other sites. Some little mermaid stuff and just things i think are cool or if u want me to put a certain something on here jus sign my guetbook or tag me and tell me. Well i am gonna go ahead and make the pages all that i can with this computer then i'll make it even better if i can open the program at my house. ?Alrightys well lemme go do that. Thanx for ur time and patience while i construct my site.

Fun/ny stuff and quizzes
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