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Titan: Saturn's Mysterious Moon

This website will provide information on Titan, Saturn's mysterious moon. It will mostly focus on it's atmosphere, since not much is known of it's surface or interior. It will also provide information on the Cassini-Huygens Mission and it's objectives at Titan. All information has been obtained from the sources listed.

This Voyager image of Titan shows the assymetry in brightness between the moon's southern and northern hemispheres. Titan's natural smoggy haze blocked Voyager's view of the surface (Spilker).

This spectacular view of the edge of Titan was taken by Voyager 1 from a distance of 22,000 km. Tenuous high-altitude haze layers (blue) are visible above the opaque red clouds. The highest of these haze layers is about 500 km above the main cloud deck, and 700 km above Titan's surface (Spilker).

Basic Facts about Titan

  • Parent Planet: Saturn
  • Distance from Saturn: 1,221,850 km
  • Rotation Period: 15,945 days
  • Radius: 2575 km
  • Average Density: 1.88 g/cm^3
  • Surface Temperature: 94 K
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 1.5 bar (50% greater than Earth)
  • Average Distance from Saturn: 20.3 Saturn Radii
  • Discovered in 1655 by the Dutch scientist Christaan Huygens.
  • Same class as Ganymede and Callisto (satellites of Jupiter) in terms of size and density.

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