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Passport Zone Passport to Land Sports
Before you enrol for the Land Sports? First of all, you need to have a passport for the game. This is the place which provides you with the necessary information to guide you step by step to understand the sport. You will find all the facts, training and support in here. Just click on your favorite sport. Congratulation! You had completed your lesson. Now you got your passport. You are qualified and welcome to participate on our sport events. Just click on the sport column that we have prepared for your journey to the adventure.
  Wall Climbing in Summit USJ
Wall Climbing   Rock Climbing Inline Skating
  Rock Climbing in Bt. Cave & Bkt. Takun picture courtesy by EXPN
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Wall Climbing Rock Climbing Inline Skating
In this photo gallery. You can browse our members photo from their rock climbing trip and other sports adventure photo.
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  Climbing Trip
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