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1.SanDiego Chargers: Michael Vick-QB-Virginia Tech. The Chargers should trade down considering they need help   now and Vick is a project. Vick should have stayed in school and developed.
2.Arizona Cardinals: David Terrell-WR-Michigan. They will not want to pass up on Terrell. They will hope to fill the void on the defense, mainly run stoppers, in later rounds.
3.Cleveland Browns: Deuce McAllister-RB-Mississippi. Finally they get a running game to take the pressure off Couch. After this look for OL and WR help to be picked up later.
4.Cinncinati Bengals: Kenyatta Walker-OT-Florida. They should cover the loss of Dillon in the free agent market. If so then they will help the line to block for his replacement.
5.Atlanta Falcons: Drew Brees-QB-Purdue. In my opinion Drew is the best QB in the draft. They could also go with a WR here as well but I think the draft is too deep at that position so they will wait.
6.NewEngland Patriots: Ladainian Tomlinson-RB-TCU. The Pats need a running game almost as much as the Chargers. They get the best RB in the draft here to take some pressure off of Bledsoe.
7.Seattle Seahawks: Gerrard Warren-DT-Florida St. Seattle will be pleasantly surprised to see Gerrard still available. They definitely need to help the defensive line.
8.Chicago Bears: Andre Carter-DE-California. By staying with Enis at RB they will use this pick to give some much needed help to Urlacher.
9.SanFrancisco 49ers: Justin Smith-DE-Missouri. Niners will get some much needed pass rush here. Smith is the best DE in this class and will definitely bolster the Niner defense.
10.Seattle Seahawks: Koren Robinson-WR-NC State. Seattle will not be able to pass up this pass catcher when they see him still on the board. They need his help in their aging WR corps.
11.Carolina Panthers: Leonard Davis-OT-Texas. Carolina will help out their O-line here but I would not be surprised to see them take a LB or even Michael Bennett at RB.
12.KansasCity Chiefs: Shaun Rogers-DT-Texas. They take Rogers now to help anchor their D-line. Look for them to pick up Travis Henry in round 2 if he is still available.
13.Jacksonville Jaguars: Rod Gardner-WR-Clemson. They need somebody to take McCardell's place after he leaves for the free agent market.
14.Buffalo Bills: Steve Hutchinson-OG-Michigan. They boost their line to protect whoever the signal-caller might be next year.
15.Washington Redskins: Santana Moss-WR-Miami. The Skins have one thing they are after in the first round and that's a playmaking WR. They get it in Moss.
16.Pittsburgh Steelers: Dominic Raiola-C-Nebraska. Since I doubt they will go for a QB at this time why not get someone for their best player to train to take his place.
17.GreenBay Packers: Quincy Morgan-WR-Kansas St. The Pack needs a playmaker at reciever and with Morgan added they should be back in the playoffs next season.
18.Detroit Lions: Jamal Reynolds-DE-Florida St. Someone to help the Lions hold onto some leads and give them some pash rushing.
19.NewYork Jets: Richard Seymour-DT-Georgia. The Jets can score points. They get someone to help keep others from outscoring them.
20.St.Louis Rams: Jamar Fletcher-CB-Wisconsin. The Rams definately get the help they need the most. Fletcher will help their poor pass defense.
21.TampaBay Buccaneers: Maurice Williams-OT-Michigan. The Bucs get some much needed help on the offensive line. A big, fast tackle for Dunn to run behind.
22.Indianapolis Colts: Ken Lucas-CB-Mississippi. The Colts need the help in the defense of the pass. Although I would not be surprised to see them pick up a LB here either.
23.NewOrleans Saints: Freddie Mitchell-WR-UCLA. They get some help for Horn and watch them go to the Bowl next season.
24.Denver Broncos: Richard Seymour-DE-Georgia. Denver gives that defense of theirs a boost with Seymour. If not then they may go with a DB here.
25.Philladelphia Eagles: Michael Bennett-RB-Wisconsin. If Duce Staley goes down again they will be prepared. Atleast now someone can give Duce a breather.
26.Miami Dolphins: Chris Chambers-WR-Wisconsin. With the way their reciever corp went last year this pick should not surprise anyone.
27.Minnesota Vikings: Dan Morgan-LB-Miami. The Vikes need a lot of help on defnse. They get that and then some in Morgan.
28.Oakland Raiders: Quinton Caver-OLB-Arkansas. Raider nation will be happy with this pick. Ofcourse after their reaction last year they will probably cheer anyone thats not a kicker.
29.Tennessee Titans: Marvin Minnis-WR-Florida St. They should drop Pickens and Thigpen to free agency so I look for them to take a WR. But if someone falls that Fisher thinks should be off the board he will pick them.
30.NewYork Giants: Fred Smoot-CB-Mississippi St. The Giants help their pass coverage. They could also go for a WR here if there is one they feel is a bargain at pick 30.
31.Baltimore Ravens: Chad Johnson-WR-Oregon St. Whoever the Ravens are able to get to throw the ball next seasonwill need more than Ismail.
Remember these picks are sure to change due to free-agents and trades. I will update them as often as possible..................................................................................................................T2K
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