Yahoo Id: None
Real Name: Araalcar Darr'ain
Nickname: Araalcar
Age: Unknown.
Occupation: Traveller, Leader, Spy, Rebel, Warrior.
About: I Love Araalcar! From the moment I thought him up, I loved him. He was actually a last minute character, but I'm so glad I made him. The story would be lacking without him! Araalcar is a lot wiser than he lets on. He's often very quiet, just watching and thinking, unless he's with Tyon, then he speaks more. He has seen a lot more of the world than anyone can imagine, and has many stories. He used to be free-spirited like the rest of them, but while he was in Isar (from the Nyran), he saw the downfall and shame of mankind and it broke his spirit. Araalcar loves Tyon (shh), though he will never tell her that, other than in his letters.
I always imagined him to be hardened, and he is. His face is often worn, or worried. He and Tyon share an amazing bond, and she is often uplifted and pushed along just by his presence. During the Nyra, which is the first story and the one in which Araalcar is the main character, he doesn't allow his personality to be given away as much, though some of the old (which will be new o.O ) Araalcar shines through when he speaks with Dellen... oh the tantalising tidbits.
Appearence: No picture yet, but I'll go hunting tonight.
Eyes: Deep-green or green/brown
Hair: Kind of like Aragorn's from the Lord of the Rings movie. A bit longer, and brown.
Height: 6'4"
Clothing: Wow. I've never really thought about any of these and actually written them down. I just have a clear picture of Araalcar in my head and when it comes to writing it down, it disappears. He wears brown pants, boots, a dark green cloak/cape, a vest maybe... hehe, and gloves.
Weapons Long elven sword.
Other He has a fast dapple-grey horse.

Background: As I've already said, he used to be free-spirited. He's older than any of them, so has seen a lot. Just before he met Tyon he went to Isar and that broke his spirit. That's the majority of his past that I actually know. He has more, I just have to discover it hehe.
Quotes from the story: Ok I can't find any right now, but you know. Alright, this one will do for the moment.
"‘I have travelled further than ever, Tyon. I have seen such things that I could not describe to you now,’ he said, his voice was almost hypnotising, deep and calm, filled with wisdom. Araalcar had some HighElf blood in him, some extreme nobility far back in his ancestry that gave him the wisdom and some characteristics of a HighElf.
‘Try to describe to me, Araalcar! Or I shall sit here in wonder for the rest of my days until you finally allow me to journey beside you!’ she exclaimed, pretending to push him from the tree. He laughed, then looked at her side-long for a moment." ...
"We begin a new journey together this time… will it not suffice as journeying beside me for the moment?’ he said, ruffling her hair. She gave him a tight hug and curled up in his arms for a while, glad to feel safe and protected from the world again."