--Alright, so here I'm just gonna pile a whole lot of pictures and info about Biscay cos he's a cool dude.

Biscay is fond of: Food, chasing things (mice, the cat, the horses), running, sticks, balls, food, treats, begging, sleeping, food, pats, tummy scratches, food, playing, barking, learning new tricks (though sometimes he's only in it for the food), going on horse rides, coming with us in the car, even if we ARE only going down the road and.. food.

Biscay n'aimes pas: having his feet tickled, smelling something bad, the sound the books make when you flick all the pages, things that look scary (today I freaked him out with a computer cord), playing ball on a hill face so he has to run all the way back up. Being left outside in the rain while the cat gets to be inside, having to sit and watch while you eat chocolate (he doesn't understand why he's allowed everything else and you won't give him any of that),umm... not being given any food after half an hour of solid begging, having his photo taken on bad hair days or fat days.

He looks like a vampire.

Oh, I thought I should put some stats.
Full Name: S.S. Southern Rouge.
Call Name: Biscay
Puppy Name: Pirate (see his patch?)
Breed: Australian Shepherd (he's a blue merle!)
Umm.. Oh! Age: 6
Birthday: 29th/01/um.. too late for years...
So, unable to think of any more stats, here's a whole bunch of photos. Go me.



My Puppy can jump lots. He was trying to catch a ball at the time.

Ehehe Look at his tongue.

He was catching the scents in the wind.

This is his nose. Worship it... WORSHIPPPPP...

This is Biscay's point of view. "I am cute." "Worship me."

Uh.... this is Biscay transformed into a cat.