Yahoo Id: Calimalia.
Real Name: Calimalia Elvynd.
Nickname: Cali.
Age: Unknown, she appears to be 17 human years.
Occupation: Wanderer
About: Cali is quiet. She doesn't like to start conversations but will watch a person and show interest in them till they come and talk to her first. She often doesn't know quite what to do with herself and will sit idly by and sip at her drink, watching everyone as they go about their buisness. She can be quite cold towards people, but it's only because of the things she's been to *see her background*, though if she gets someone involved in her problems, she'll be happy to whisk them off to saftey on the back of her horse and explain it all later. She can often snap at people though she has good reason to be impaitent.
Appearence: That's her there cept she has maarui style tattoos running down in spirals from below her eyes, then onto her cheeks and then over to the bottom of her ears. She also has them on the back of her hands. She's got bright green eyes, and is quite tall and slender. She rides upon her grey arab who looks quite wild, though she manages to control him.
Background: Her father was the King of a country far off on the outskirts of a great desert. He was particularly stupid, and so were the rest of her brothers and sisters, she being the only one who inherited her mother's intelligence. Her father knew this and thought it threatened his power, so he had his own sister, and Cali's eldest sister assassinated, then said that Cali murdered them. The city-people of course believed him, and had her thrown in jail. She escaped and fled into the desert. She found herself in a small shanty town, and the people there all had the tattooes on their bodies. They were opposed to the King, and she told them what had happened. They were outraged and so quickly hid her within their community, tattooing her hands and face and dressing her like them, covering her face all save her eyes. The soldiers came through looking for her, but she wasn't found. She thought they would give up, but they figured out what had happened and so raided the town. They had to flee, she taking her horse Caewin and leaving with the rest of the villagers. They were all split up and went in different directions.
A little while later, her father sent out the Fears. These are great demon creatures that will follow her to the ends and the earth and back, always following her to in the end, kill her. They haven't caught her yet, but she can never rest, never safely sleep, never talk or socialise too long because they're always right behind. There are a few spots in the earth though that they can't enter, these are pure places, like a circle of ancient stones, or a great gorge thing... This is where she will take you if you happen to get wrapped up in the Fears. She seems happy enough though, as though the Fears were really just a nuicence, not trying to kill her.