Real Name: Drach
Nickname: Um.. Drach
Age: Around 160, he'd look about 20.
Occupation: Friend to Tyon, Joker, Archer, Warrior.
About: Hehe. Drach is a cutey. He like to joke around with Shorn (even though you wouldn't think Shorn would be capable of joking around...) he's always happy-go-lucky, and seems to care about the now, rather than the future, to live life as it is now. He's light on his feet, though not as skilled with the bow as Tyon or Araalcar. Unlike some of the others, he doesn't have the royal-elf blood in him, and I think this is what sets him apart from the others.
Appearence: No picture yet *searches*
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Long, light brown, sometimes golden.
Height: 5'6" more or less ( I don't work in inches)
Clothing: Drach wears typical Tyh/Golden forest clothes, being - Brown pants, a red/brown top, a golden brown cloak with green splattered through, light elven boots...
Weapons his bow and arrows, small sword.
Other Drach is a bit hard to picture unless you know the forest, because all you see in his clothing is gold hehe. Tyh is the Autumn forest, because it's always autumn. The leaves are red, yellow and brown, and rarely turn green, and so being a woodelf, he blends in.

Background: Drach has a pretty simple background like Tyon's. He grew up and lived in Tyh, fought a few battles, then met Tyon after a fight at Eldari on his way down to Kaynya.
Quotes from the story: (By the way, Drach has an accent that no one else seems to have. He likes to chatter hehe.. ):
"‘I knew we should meet again- ‘twas the magic of Tyh that told me d’yeh remember? When I heard yeh were a’comin’ I said t’ myself- y’see Drach, yeh were right, she’s a’comin’ down t’ Tyh just like yeh said back in Eldari,’ he had to yell over the music, dancing as he spoke. "
"‘Ye’re doin’ what you’re born t’ do! That’s all that can be expected of yeh… Ye’ve been fightin’ since yeh were a little’un and you’re good at it! Better than anyone else obviously! Who cares if there ain’t any more female elves fightin’ is what I say! There aren’t none more brave than you, an’ you can be proud o’ that! I bet there aren’t no female elves back at home who wouldn’t like to be fightin’, it’s just that they can’t!’ he said enthusiastically, smiling happily across at her. "
Yeah, I love Drach. He's one of my favourites.