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A Birthday Lunch, and a Proposal!!
A Quiet Picnic in the Garden
Chicken Run

Megan's such a *Nice* girl
Fried fish, Monsters and Giants!
Good Advice
Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane?
Ball Games

Wagging Tongues
More Gossip
Never Your Fault
Little Pumpkin
Skulking in the Dark
Sticky Beards.
A Hostile Hegde?

The New Mrs. Thatcher.. (Tasselberry-Thatcher!)
Feeding the Sick
Dressed the Best
Lovely View
Lawn Thieves and Icy Steps
A Funny-Looking Man
Of Talking Birds
Rolling for More Drinks..
Shopping and chatting
Garbled messages

Stories Retold inside the Constubulary
Events Outside the Prancing Pony
Feeling faint?
Grocery shopping
Tight squeeze
Family likeness
Clouds of smoke
Cart calamity

A strange conversation
A broken top
Muddy fields and huts on legs
Penny for the guy?
Picking flowers
Climbing trees
Wet evening in the Common Room
Falling objects
A bloody sack
Hardworking Breefolk and lazy rangers

Summer Dance
Healer at work
Shopping for Tea

Too Late for the Bakery
Healer at Work, again.
Another Giant Eagle-Encounter!
A Memorable Night! (and another encounter!)

Thanks to Hugh for like, a billion of these logs- you're a champion :)




Linnelei's Logs: (coming as soon as I clean them up)

Shire Trip:

Lei meets Rosgwaen
Lei searches for caranlas
A meeting in Stock
A red meadow...
Catching Up on Events, and a Gift for a Hobbit