Random Wall and Wardrobe Stuff...

Ok so what I'll do is put some little pictures up and then explain them and link them to more detailed ones when I can be bothered, k? Some of the stuff on here needs real explanation, so bear with me while I type it all up.

Ok. This is the first in the series going from.. well, this way to ---> that way for explanations. This is the top section of the wardrobe. What've we got?

Well, there's the front cover to my Amelie Cd at the top there, then a whole lot of random stuff in Tengwar (Tolkein elven writing, incase you don't know o.O) Then there's a whole lot of random phrases for hello and goodbye etc in Quenya.. Then there's the songs that Sophya and I wrote while I was in France. Here's how they go:

<insert songs here>

Then there's my flight details for the trip to France, then Oh! Then this little cartoon with this dog and its week and how it starts the week all grumpy and by friday it's like; woo! I love life! And on the weekend it's all Woo! then it goes back to monday and starts all over again. Hard to explain- maybe I'll scan it one day... Ok! Then going back to the start on the next line down:

There's a picture of me when I was like, 2 on a tire swing with a real cute look on my face.. then there's 3 cards; playing cards, that belonged to my Mum. They have dogs and cats on them. Then there's a postcard which is just colourful jellybeans. What I did is I got some of my friends to pick which jelly bean best represented them and their personalities. It was fun- we wrote who's was who on the back.. Ok, then there's the rest of that song, and then a picture of ducklings in floaties (it's awesome) which was actually an optus ad. not so random so far, but it goes on. I've hardly described any of it yet.

Ok... we're gonna have to jump around a bit since it doesn't stay in lines as such.. The next is actually a post card which I took from an art gallery thing. The picture there is something different cos I only got the postcard recently, but I really like it, so you can click here to see it.. Ok, then there's a card which has border collie puppies in a kind of wagon-wheel which Mum and Dan sent to me while I was in France for christmas.. Then there's about 20 different ways to say "I love you" from Afrikaans to Welsh. Ok, it would have been more impressive if it had been from Afrikaans to Zulu or something (A-Z) but no.

Then there's a picture of me and all my year 7 friends dressed as hippies for my birthday party. It's funny to see who was there in year 7 and who's in the more recent one of year 11 and who's changed and stuff.. Then there's a picture of Silverchair in their recording studio doing "Across the Night" and then there's this join the pictures together to make a word... I'll post it up if I get time- it's cute, and clever, and I like it cos it's random.

Ok! Cutting through the middle! Picture of Cindy, Celia, Sophya and I on the foutain in Marmande- the little French village that I stayed in. These girls were so awesomely amazing! They were my friends that I met at school- ask me about them, they were AWESOME. Then there's a whole lot of "Pearls Before Swine" comics, from comics.com if you haven't seen PBS I suggest you do- it's awesome, I love it- and I generally don't like comics. Some are better than others though, so don't be put off by bad ones ;) Then there's a postcard of a gnome that says: "Hi! I am a garden gnome and you are a human. I am made of concrete and you are not. So that means that you can help the Smith Family. They need volunteers!"... I think it's obvious why I chose this. Not for the smith family :P The Gnome's opening lines were classic.

Ok!! Next line! Tickets from the Paris Metro! A picture of me and my friends at my 17th birthday party, all dressed as different things (I was a punk ;) ) then there's a picture of my little stuffed polar bear (qui s'appelle Limpy) who I bought in France, and he's standing on the pool cos it's all frozen. It's the coolest photo. I'll scan it and put it up when I can be bothered. Then there's 2 little pictures from a book called "Why Cats are better than Men" or something. And one says: Woman: "Nigel, is something wrong?" Cat: "Oh, it's nothing. Just a touch of the old malaria, I'll be right as rain tomorrow." -"Cat's don't act like babies if they're sick." and the other one has a picture of the cat holding out a fish to the woman: "Cats regularly bring you tokens of their affection." and the woman's saying: "thank-you. Please put Philip back in the tank." ... I just thought they were cute. Next to that is a whole long list of soppy quotes and destiny, and stuff and some of it is really depressing. If I had bothered to save it, I'd write them up here, but I don't think I did.. Stupid me.

Oh! I think we need a new picture here...

Excellent. Right. Now the next line has a bookmark... which I'll /have/ to scan in, cos it's like this dinky-di Aussie sheila thing..

Then there's a card.. birthday, I think of a little dalmation puppy with sad eyes and inside it says: "Well don't just stand there, hug me!" (I think) and when I was little I scribbled in it with crayons. It's all wrinkly and old. I think Mum bought it cos it was cute, not to give to anyone. Ok, then there's 2 Celtic animal cards- the Eagle and the Wolf. (My fav. animals ever).

Yeah, I will get around to finishing this- it's a work in progress.