Some Ooc conversations, and randomness..

Bachelors Wanted!
<Bad> Megan says, "You know what I reckon Bree needs?"
<Bad> Randel says, "what?"
<Bad> Megan says, "More hansome young elegible batchelor types."
<Bad> Randel says, "well, guess we could do with more of every kind. :) especially hobbits."
<Bad> Randel says, "more old folk! more healers! more smiths!"
<Bad> Megan says, "No! Eligble batchelors!"
<Bad> Megan wants bachelors now!
<Bad> Megan marches around with a sign saying: "We want Bachelors!"
Announcement: Randel has changed the poll to: Megan wants eligible bachelors NOW!
<Bree> Hugh laughs!
<Bad> Megan says, "we should put that in the +info Breefolk thing: wanted: eligble hansome bachelors.... LOL!!!!!!!"
<Bree> Megan laughs!!!
<Bree> Megan phwaps Randel!
Thorak pages Randel and Megan: Where do I sign up?
<OOC> You say, "Eeek!"
<Sb> Tigerlily says, "well now that's an interesting poll"
<Bree> Randel laughs hysterically
From afar, Khamul comforts.
Randel pages Thorak and Megan: take a number and get in line please.
From afar (to Randel and Megan), Thorak sighs.
<OOC> You say, "Ok hang on, have to deal with pages now.."
<Sb> Hugh grins. Got any eligible hobbit bachelors over there?
<OOC> Tigerlily laughs, 'of course you do"
Long distance to Khamul: Megan nods sadly. "There aren't enough in Bree, I've decided."
Khamul pages: We gotta wait til you're 18, hon. :)
<Sb> Randel says, "there you go Megan. A nice hairy dorf instantly responding. :)"
<Sb> Tigerlily says, "Randel... we're trying to RP. now she's got an avalanche of pages. :)"
You paged Khamul with 'Butt i want my bachelors Nowwwwwwwww'.
<Sb> Megan says, "Ewwwwww"
<Sb> Randel says, "she brought it upon herself. ;)"
<Sb> Megan says, "Yeah thanks Randel, good one :P"
<Sb> Tigerlily grins, "I'm sure she did."
<Bree> Megan waves about her sign.. Feels pity for Hugh cos he actually missed this conversation cos she was having it on <bad> instead... loves that com cos it's secret.
<Bree> Randel says, "it's something to aspire to. ;)"
<Bree> Hugh says, "A sign? And you said on Bree com earlier you wanted Eligible Bachelors too, I think - you must be truly desperate ;)"
<Bree> Randel lols!
<Bree> Megan says, "Well we need them!"
<Bree> Megan says, "All we have is old guys and hobbits.. and ugly guys"
<Bree> Hugh says, "Ugly old guys? ;)"
<Bree> Megan says, "Yes that too :P"
<Bree> Hugh grumbles and has to log out to concentrate on work. If you find any Eligible Bachelors, tie 'em up in the market so we can all get a good look at 'em and vote for which one you get :)

Papercut on your eyeball…
<Bree> Megan says, "Hey, here's a nice image for you to think about, you ready?"
<Bree> Megan says, ".. Papercut on your eyeball!!!"
<Bree> Randel says, "aiyeeeeeee!!"
<Bree> Megan says, "Can I make it the poll!? Can I?! I want to make one! I haven't ever made one!"
<Bree> Randel says, "no! no!"
<Bree> Megan pouts. "fine."
<Bree> Andrick says, "No, do it! Do it!"
<Bree> Megan says, "Do it!?!!?"
<Bree> Randel says, "no! no! don't! resist, Megan!"
<Bree> Andrick says, "Yeah. If we're made to suffer with that evil image, everyone should!"
<Bree> Randel says, "resist the dark side!"
<Bree> Megan says, "Andy said to do it- he has more authority than you!"
<Bree> Randel says, "I'm and older oldbie!"
Announcement: Megan has changed the poll to: ... Papercut on your eyeball!!!!!
<Bree> Megan says, "MUAHAHAHAHAHA"
<Bree> Randel says, "AIYEEEEEEEEE!"
<Bree> Randel falls twitching and screaming to the ground.
<Bree> Megan cackles
<Bree> Randel holds out the "+poll Stir-upper award" to Megan, with a trembling hand

Polls from or about me:

Announcement: Megan has changed the poll to: ... Papercut on your eyeball!!!!!
Announcement: Randel has changed the poll to: Megan wants eligible bachelors NOW!
Announcement: Witch-king has changed the poll to: Breefolk raiding my closet again?!
Announcement: Andrick has changed the poll to: Megan = Dusty Mathom.
Announcement: Megan has changed the poll to: School's out for summerrrrrrrr!!!
Announcement: Kagain has changed the poll to: Bree: 3/4 IC, Shame on you Megan!
Announcement: Tiriel has changed the poll to: Megan the Merciless!
Announcement: Delynrea has changed the poll to: Megan just ate me.
Announcement: Sulrannaur has changed the poll to: We come in peace.Take us to your leader
Announcement: Adienna has changed the poll to: Megan, stop making me mispage to you!
Announcement: Megan has changed the poll to: Adienna, stop stealing my icecream!! :(

Check this out!:

Megan --/OOC F Human Breefolk In flight...

Sammath Naur
You stand in Sammath Naur, that foulest room of sorcery in all of Middle Earth. Here it was that Sauron deceived Celebrimbor and the Elven-Smiths in the forging of the One Ring, the Ruling Ring. Here is the hot black heart of His most evil land. Here, before you, lay the Cracks of Doom, the gaping fissures yawning directly into the womb of the earth, where all things are made and unmade. You stand silent for a moment in awe, and then notice through that window to the East a piercing flash of red flame from the black tower's topmost seems that the all-seeing eye is staring into this very chamber, into your very soul. You had better pray that you have business here...

Khamul took me flying and touring in Mordor, it was great.. though, somewhat random ;)


1 Midien................May 09 2000
2 Barseg................Feb 13 2001
3 Giondan...............Sep 04 2001
4 Duartr................Oct 03 2001
5 Reef..................Nov 19 2001
6 Cate..................Jun 11 2002
7 Gyllene...............Aug 17 2002
8 Megan.................Nov 06 2002
9 Turfuin...............Dec 03 2002
10 Wren..................Dec 18 2002
11 Beowein...............Dec 29 2002
12 Cherryblossom.........Dec 31 2002
13 Tirethil..............Jan 31 2003
14 Antion................Feb 17 2003
15 Cheren................Apr 17 2003

Heh, I just thought it was cool. ;) I had one from earlier, when I was like, number 10, or something, and there was only 13 people online ;) So this one was better.

Reset: Thu Jan 01 00:00:03 2004

1 Wuzgul...........3d 4h 42m 51s
2 Ceridwen.........2d 19h 57m 52s *
3 Megan............2d 19h 30m 41s *
4 Grima............2d 19h 16m 17s
5 Beinithil........2d 16h 0m 36s
6 Molaenion........2d 13h 52m 32s
7 Anorandil........2d 10h 38m 12s
8 Aralach..........2d 10h 11m 15s
9 Al'yodar.........2d 9h 6m 6s
10 Tarasiriel.......2d 8h 3m 37s

Your +top time is: 2d 19h 30m 41s
Now that one's just cool as well. I have another one, where I was #6 with 8 days, near the end of a month, so this one isn't /so/ special, cos it's only 2 days, but it's still pretty cool. I was stoked ;) (See! How random is the stuff I collect? :P)

Andy wrote this for Bree-rp.. I just thought it was cute. O:) It was when we were in the Shire, heh, and yeah.. we decided that people needed to speculate where we'd gone, since we were meant to hate each other.

'Missing Persons'
"Does it strike you as odd?" said the woman.
"Don't what strike me as odd?" said the man.
"That Megan Tassellberry, an' the old waiter, Andrick Thatcher?"
"What about them?"
"Well, where've they been of late, eh? They were always fighting, those two, and now it looks like they've flown off on 'oliday together."
"Ooh. Do you suppose it may be their honeymoon?" The man laughs, but the woman looks deadly serious.
"Who knows? They were both odd. I say, if they've gone for good, good riddance to bad rubbish. The pair of them. They'll suit each other."

================= Online Players by Culture ============
Breefolk: ( 1) Megan*
Dunlending: ( 1) Barseg
Ered-Luin: ( 1) Zoleth*
Galadhrim: ( 3) Cithramir Giliath+ Molaenion
Imladhrim: ( 3) Idhrendae Nyashcala Sulaerlinn
Isendrim: ( 1) Kylin
============== + = Ruler, * = Local Admin, Hilited = IC =========
Now, that was just cool. It was after Ele crashed and I got on Early-ish, so there was no one around ;) Only which I'd done +oldbies then! (Or +newbies.. looking at things I would have been right up there!)

Btw- this is my Plan, for anyone interested. O:)

PLAN: IC- RP with everyone.. (well, not literally) Eriadorish:
(x) Arnorian,
(x) Breefolk,
( ) Galadhrim,
(x) Imladhrim,
(x) Istari
(x) Mithlondhrim,
( ) Morian,
(x) Northern,
(x) Shirefolk,
(x) Yfelwydan.
( ) Dale
( ) Erebor
( ) Gondor
( ) Haradrim
( ) Mordain
( )Ndaedeldhrim
( ) Rohirrim
( ) Onodrim
I'm getting there (except for everywhere outside Eriador, but y'know.)!

Other Stuff:
(*) Give Megan a name for herself in all of Bree (and Beyond)
( ) Prove that Megan has Multiple Personalities
(*) Make Whoever fall in love with me
( ) Become a feature.
(*) Terrorize Bree over, and over, and over again.
( ) Kidnap some hobbits- just for the fun of it. (Andy and I have actually begun to discuss this one >:)

When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles and the bottle's on a poodle and the poodle's eating noodles ... They call this a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle.-- Stole this from somewhere (found it on Gulp's +finger/f and liked it a lot)... it's really cool ;)

If you've collected any more interesting/random stuff that you've done and think that other people might want to see it, then feel free to send it to me..

Megan's RPing Tips.

Ok- these are just my opinions, and I don't care if you agree with them or not, they're just ideas for how I think people can get better at rping, especially if they've never rped before...And I know I mightnt be the best, but you know- it works, it's common sense and it would make any rp better for everyone in the end :) I'll think of some more later. Maybe.

1) Keep at it- the more you rp, the better you get :) Don't worry how bad you think you are when you first start, after a month of regular rp and developing poses and finding your own voice and style, things will only get better from there on.

2) I personally like to throw in hints and things for the other players to respond to that will carry on the rp, especially if it's getting a bit dull.. Hooks? Um.. Something like that?... Just slip them in, and hopefully the other people will respond to them in some way.. If they're ignored well, try again with a different one :P Sure, it's leading the rp in a certain direction, but I suppose it doesn't have to go that way.. I don't know if people like people doing this or not, but meh- I do. Plus, if other people do it back it gives you something to work with too... Especially in big groups when you don't want your pose to be: "Megan stands there and eats, watching everyone.." If no one has involved you or dropped you those hints, you can't do much else... well... I can't- I don't want to just butt in..

3) Experiment with new people and places. Often it's hard to think of a reason why your character is in a particular location, so be creative! Go places not often used for RP (Hugh found this great little field north of Bree that I didn't know about the other day, it was awesome!) rather than staying in the CR of the Prancing Pony, for example... Make up excuses for being out at midnight (though, even with Megan this becomes a challenge). And invite people to Rp- people that are new, people that you might have only just met, people who often just hang around and might be too shy to actually ask for rp- I used to be like that with Llyna! Nag them if they won't come, and learn to volunteer to set- this will come, of course, when you have more confidence in your rp abilities, but if you find regular rp, it's cool to alternate between chosing the location and setting. Ie: One time I'll chose, and someone else will set, then they chose and I set.

4) Play a character that you /enjoy/ playing! If you don't enjoy the character, it won't have life and energy and most likely you won't want to play it all that often. I know this- I can see it happening in Elli, and it used to happen in Llyna. Like I've said- I didn't particularly enjoy rping when I had her; she was lacking that spirit that I found in Megan. If you enjoy your character you'll want to play it more often and thus, be involved in more rp. :)