This one has hardly anything yet, but I'm still working on it. It has an interesting plot, I'm just not that far into it yet. Still, I'll get around to doing it some time or another.


Rain poured down on Calhain, and he tried to re-light the candle that had just gone out, yet again. He stuck the candle in the ground, wondering why he didn't make a fire while it was still light. Because you didn't know it was going to rain. Skye, his horse, replied smugly from under her tree. Calhain shot her a look.
'I wasn't talking… thinking to you. Mind your own business.' He snapped, glaring at the still un-lit candle.
As you wish. Skye replied, closing her eyes and falling to sleep. A wolf howled. Or was it just Skye snoring? Calhain wasn't sure. He glanced at Skye. She didn't seem to be snoring. He attempted to light the candle using his mind. It seemed that everything was against him as the rain got heavier. Figuring there was no hope in getting the candle lit again, even though everyone from the town had told him that he must have light, no matter what, while he was in the forest, there was no chance he could get it lit again, he lay down under his tree and tired to get to sleep. An owl hooted in the tree above him, and Calhain felt a breeze as it past over head, or was it just the breeze in the trees? Or were the trees whispering secrets to each other that they didn't want him to know about? Maybe the owl had heard the message and was going to tell another part of the forest. Calhain didn't like the ideas he had. They annoyed him to an extent where he just stopped thinking all together, imagining black in his mind. He soon became bored of that, so he counted every time a drop of rain hit his head.
'1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7…' What're you counting, silly boy-child? Skye asked, not opening her eyes.
'Drops of water hitting my head.' Calhain replied, frowning.
Why do that? Skye asked with obvious confusion.
'Because I think too much, and when I think too much, I can't concentrate on sleeping.' He replied simply, counting the drops again.
'21. 22. 23…' Why are we even out here in the rain? Skye asked, having forgotten, when Calhain had only told her half an hour ago.
'To deliver the king's letter to the king of Sherra'in.' Calhain said, frowning.
What is the letter about? Skye asked, still having forgotten.
'Stupid horses that forget things the moment you tell them anything.' Calhain mumbled.
'Gifted children.' He said quickly. He felt Skye frown. Are you gifted?
'No Skye. I don't think so.' He replied, smiling to himself in the darkness. Don't gifted children think too much too? Skye asked, obviously convinced that he was gifted too. Calhain suddenly felt tired.
'I don't know Skye, anyhow, I'm not gifted. 'Night.' He said, and drifted to sleep, hardly hearing Skye's G'night in reply.

When he woke, the rain had steadied slightly. He was wet through, but Skye had moved to lay beside him halfway through the night, so he wasn't cold. He felt in his pocket for the letter. Still there. He breathed a sigh of relief, sat up and stretched his aching body. Skye looked up at him, then launched onto her feet, her underside was still dry. Calhain glanced around for their packs. They were gone! He quickly tore back the bark of the tiny hollow in the tree. His pack with the golds in it was still there, along with some fruit and water. Laying underneath the pack was Skye's bridle. It was just lucky that Calhain rode her bareback anyway. He slipped the pack over his back, bridled the grey horse then swung himself onto her back.

Once onto the rode, they found out who had stolen their gear, when a big black lizard scuttled in front of them and stopped, turning to face the horse and the boy. The lizard puffed up his body, making him two times his original size, then opened a big red frill around his neck which puffed up also, leaving him looking like one of those blow up toys. He then proceeded to cough up half a shirt, all in tatters, before waddling off. Calhain scowled after him, before nudging Skye on again. Why do the black lizards eat clothing? She asked him after a moment.
'Maybe they eat what ever is around.' He replied, shrugging
That's very clever of them! Skye said in amazment, a little more spring in her step.
'No it's not. They shouldn't eat people's clothing.' Callhain replied, frowning at the simplicity of his horse's thinking.
It is! They've adapted so they eat what ever that can find, so they'll never go hungry! Skye said, astounded. Callhain mearly shook his head in disbelief.