The Merging of the Clans of Heerin

In the time of the Second Age,
The Clans will learn the truth in Uniting,
Led by an unlikely leader,
Who none shall wish to follow
- Karri'n Sandhin, First Age of Kings.

Characters: (in order of appearence)

- Tyon. A young spirited, but brave elf who has a great journey and destiny awaiting her. She forms the company of warriors who will unite the country, and then she leads them into battle against a great army from the West, lef by the Half-Mage, Shihar. She is in love with Araalcar, her life-long companion, though she will never admit it to him, or to herself.

- Aitan. He's a young Mage from Shynoch who has seen next-to-nothing of the outside world. He meets up with Tyon by accident and comes across and niave and clumsy, but later reveals himself to be a quiet thinker. He's not much skilled with the sword, though he holds a great part in the journey, but until then, he is often forgotten by the writer. Hehe.

- Drach. Drach is another young elf who first meets Tyon at a ball in Eldari after the first fight. He is from the Golden Woods of Tyh, and here Tyon and Aitan meet him. Drach is a happy, quick-on-his-feet joker type, but is always willing to comfort and support anyone who needs it. People know that if Drach is down then something must be really wrong.

- Shorn. He's a very strange secretive elf who we meet at Se'Leana. He has a lot of WildElf in him, and so this tints his skin a grey colour. He is ordered to go on Tyon's journey by the Lady Culmeniel- ruler of Se'Leana. He and Drach hit it off straight away, despite their obvious personality differences. Shorn can make conversation if you get him started, though he will often only give one-worded answers.

- Araalcar. My favourite character hehe. Araalcar is older than any of them, with a touch of HighElf in him from way back, which gives him a certain difnity that Drach lacks. He is Tyon's lifelong friend and loves her dearly, but like her- he will never let on. He's a toughened warrior and rarely lets his true feelings show, except around Tyon.

- Cuir. He's a young human soldier on the army. He has only a little royal blood in him, but often acts regal and is quite wary of the elves from the beginning. He finds it hard to make small-talk, but once he gets engaged in a conversation, he will speak passionatly, not caring about what anyone else's opinions are, or how they will see him if he thinks a certain way. The elves find him a bit of a joke, and he often comes across as half-witted, but deep down, he has a clever mind.

- Jenn. Jenn is the youngest of all of them. She's also the only other girl. She's the human full of questions which none of the elves want to answer. She's quite bright and bubbily when on the road and will chatter away mindlessly about the elves and their lives until they manage to shake her off their tails.

- Torc. He's a dwarf. What more can I say? But really, if you take Torc at face value, that's all you see... but if you look deeper (as revealed in the book) he actually has a sensitive side and is quite prone to lonleyness *taps side of nose*

Where's it set?
In a land called Caltade, much like Medieval Europe or suchlike in its terrain. It is mostly just farmer's fields and the elven forests, though the land is lush and plentiful... The capital human city is Bal'en, the capital Elven city is Kaynya, the MageHome is Shynoch and the DwarvenHome is within the Whispering Mountains. The Forests

-- There are eight forests all in all and here I'll briefly describe them for you. With each of the forests, there's a main township in the centre somewhere, though this is always called the same name as the forest, or just the City of ForestName.
Kaynya -- This is the largest and most ancient forest. In Kaynya the Elf King resides. It has huge trees and little villages scattered throughout. The trunks of the trees are a red/brown so the soldiers and archers wear green and red and browns. Kaynya is surrounded by a ring of small hills with a passage out at the east-side. At its south border, it backs onto the WilderLands, where the WildElves roam, always protecting it.
Eldari-- The second oldest forest in Caltade, it is home to Caidann (the ElfKing's) Half sister, who is the Lady of the Woods. Eldari is much like Kaynya, but the trunks of the trees are a regular brown without so much red. There are a few trees from Tyh as well, so sometimes the soldiers of eldari add a slpash of orange/brown to their uniforms.
Lynd'yn -- The forst of Snow. Being so far norhteast, it snows there nearly all year round, but the Lyndy'n elves don't feel the cold much at all and are often seen striding around the snow in bare-feet. They wear green and white and are often quiet and thoughtful.
Say'lk-- The elves from this central forest prefer the ground to living in trees, much to the disgust of the other elves. Say'lk has a dense floor covering, with shrubs and ferns etc. They have a lot of the same huge trees as the other forests, but there are also thick groves of huge srhubs which are taller than elven houses.
Deyash--Deyash is the black forest. Very little sunlight can penetrate the thick canopy and so it's like an eternal nighttime for the elves that live there. They wear black, grey, dark green and dark brown to blend with their surroundings. Only the inhabitants of Deyash are comfortable here, as visitors feel the forest is pressing in on them, and at night, they can't see through the darkness.
Syndhyn-- The forest of Light. Completely opposite to Deyash where most elves find it impossible to hide here as it's practically devoid of shadow. The trees bear a special kind of leaf that allows light to filter through. The elves here wear bright green and have light green eyes with only a little white.
Se'Leana -- Se'Leana is the SilverWoods. The trunks of the trees are a silver/grey and the leaves flutter, one side being silver, and the other being green. Se'Leanan elves are closely related to the WildElves, and so they often inherit the grey-toned skin, eyes and hair. The leaves also drop a fine dust that coats the grass and the floor below. Another unusual characteristic about Se'Leana, is that it sings. Often when people enter, they can hear slow, lamentable pipe music coming from everwhere and nowhere at the same time. The elves of Se'Leana wear a special material that is silver in one light and green in another, or just plain grey.
Tyh -- Tyh is almost everyone's forest I think. It's renowned throughout the land for having a special magic that the others lack, and tends to draw people back to it. Tyh is the Autumn Forest, or the Golden Woods. All the trees here are always autumn, though they drop their leaves rarely, when they do, more golden/red leaves grow back in their place. The people of Tyh are mostly like Drach, always ready to hold a party and have a feast all in the name of fun. Only some have his accent, though most get the auburn/red/blonde hair and the amber or green eyes.

The Elves

The Story